Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2019

Zombie Night Terror Gets Physical Release On Switch, Pre-Orders Open Tomorrow

Note: Trailer contains bad language.

Zombie Night Terror is removing a earthy recover on Switch interjection to Warned Collectors, one of a many publishers now charity singular run releases of earthy Switch games.

The diversion creatively launched on a console on 31st January, published by Plug In Digital. It facilities 50 levels in that we contingency accumulate zombies to join your undead army, elucidate puzzles and fighting increasingly absolute foes as we go. You can learn a small some-more with this central diversion outline below:

“Prepare yourself for a many stirring night of your life! Something bizarre has happened and people everywhere are branch into blood parched walking corpses. But theory who’s a smarts behind this inspired undead army? YOU! So widespread this pestilence to clean amiability of this planet. Because a usually approach to tarry a zombie apocalypse, is to BE a apocalypse!

But a witless undead are utterly dumb… even dumber than we competence design given their miss of grey matter. Because when left to their possess devices, they will only forever travel brazen and tumble into henceforth lethal butt traps placed by not-so-helpless humans. So to accomplish your goal of universe extermination, we will need to assistance beam them to their subsequent tantalizing meal. Luckily we can implement countless special mutations to make your infantry develop and do their ardour for flesh. But beware! Humans will not promote your dim will… they will quarrel to survive.”

Pre-orders for this singular earthy recover go live tomorrow during 6pm GMT, with shipping approaching to start on 5th June. The recover is singular to 3,000 copies and costs 29.99€.


Are we a gourmet of earthy indies? Will we be putting your pre-order in tomorrow? Let us know in a common place.

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