Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2019

ZenHub adds roadmapping to the GitHub plan government tool

ZenHub, a renouned devise government apparatus that integrates right into GitHub, currently announced a launch of Roadmaps. As we can theory from a name, this is a roadmapping underline that allows teams to improved devise their projects brazen of time and daydream their standing — all from within GitHub.

“We’re diving into a code new difficulty that is super sparkling and we’re unequivocally starting to consider not usually about how forward-thinking program teams are handling their program projects yet how they’re indeed formulation ahead,” ZenHub co-founder Aaron Upright told me. “And we’re unequivocally regulating this as an event to unequivocally develop a product and unequivocally deliver now a new kind of entrant into a space for product roadmapping.”

The product itself is indeed flattering straightforward. By default, it takes existent projects and epics a group has already tangible and visualizes those on a timeline — including information about how many open issues still remain. In a stream iteration, a apparatus is still flattering basic, yet going brazen ZenHub will supplement some-more modernized features, like blocking. As Upright noted, that’s only fine, though, since while a categorical idea here is to assistance teams plans, ZenHub also wants to give other stakeholders a kind of 30,000-foot overview of a state of a devise but carrying to click around each emanate in GitHub or Jira.

Upright also argues that existent solutions tend to tumble brief of what teams unequivocally need. “Smaller organizations — teams that are 10, 15 or 25 people — they can’t means these tools. They’re unequivocally expensive. They’re cost-prohibitive,” he said. “And so oftentimes what they do is they spin to Excel files or Google spreadsheets in sequence to keep lane of their roadmap. And gripping a spreadsheets adult to date unequivocally becomes a formidable and unequivocally a full-time job.” Yet those collection that are affordable mostly don’t offer a approach to sync information behind and onward between GitHub and their platforms, that formula in a product group not removing those updates in GitHub, for example. Because ZenHub lives inside of GitHub, that’s apparently not a problem.

ZenHub Roadmaps is now accessible to all users.

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