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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana Review – A Wonderful Adventure in A Deserted Island

The years might pass, a eras change, though there a few things that never do seem to change. Among a few of them is Adol Christin’s enterprise for adventure, that unequivocally knows no bounds. Following his adventures in a puzzling islands of Canaan, a red-headed adventurer and his best crony Dogi resume their tour towards a Afrocan continent, customarily to find themselves stranded on what seems like a forlorn island, a Isle of Seirens, tiny meaningful that a island not customarily has utterly a story though also that it will be a plcae of their best tour yet.

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As fans of a array substantially accepted already, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana is set between Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim and Ys Seven, with Adol and Dogi still looking to strech a Afrocan continent and a Kingdom of Altago. While journeying on a Lombardia, Adol, Dogi and all a passengers, entrance from opposite nations and with varying amicable statuses, will finish adult traffic with a puzzling savage that attacks a boat tighten to a Isle of Seirens, that is pronounced to be an inhospitable island from where no one comes behind alive. Adol’s discerning conflict opposite a savage doesn’t forestall a boat from capsizing, stranding all of a passengers on a isle. While Adol will arise adult on a beach alone, it won’t take prolonged for a adventurer to get closely proficient with Laxia, Sahad and all a others who survived a Lombardia’s wrecking as good as reuniting with his companion Dogi. Not one to customarily give, a captain of a Lombardia hatches a devise to shun from a Isle of Seirens alive with all a flourishing passengers. The initial step is to emanate a bottom of operation, a Castaway Village, that can strengthen a survivors while helping Adol and his companions in exploring a island.

While removing deeper into a land, however, it’s transparent how a Isle of Seirens isn’t customarily an island inhabited by monsters though has a rather intriguing story centered around an impossibly modernized civilization. Adol himself gets to see it for himself by his dreams, experiencing a life of a puzzling blue-haired lady Dana, who’s also one of a playable characters. Through a island’s scrutiny and dreams, Adol will also know because a island is such a dangerous place.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana comforts a same concentration on story introduced in Ys Seven and stretched in Ys: Memories of Celceta, with impression growth and tract being many deeper than in a initial 6 entries in a series. The new diversion stairs all adult a notch, with any story elements feeling roughly like a Trails series. The castaways are intensely good developed, with any one of them carrying some arrange of purpose not customarily in using comforts in a Castaway Village, though also in a tract itself, as they are a categorical reason Adol is exploring a island. The categorical celebration members, while rather tropey, are also good developed, and even Adol’s celebrity manages to shine, as a accessible answers in discourse prominence his certain and untroubled attitude, and this feels intensely refreshing, deliberation a stream trend of brooding, dim JRPG protagonists. The story altogether doesn’t feel too opposite from prior entries, with Adol and friends preventing a good immorality from removing what it wants, though it’s good executed, providing an beguiling backdrop for all a action.

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Like for a story elements, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana refines gameplay mechanics that have been introduced by a prior dual entrance in a series, though a disproportion between a new diversion and Memories of Celceta feels bigger than a Ys IV reimaging and Ys Seven. Coming behind from a dual prior games is a celebration complement that allows players to move Adol and dual other characters on a field. All characters, who can be substituted on a fly, come with singular upgradable skills, schooled by leveling adult or by reading Manuals, and opposite conflict attributes that are some-more effective opposite specific enemies: drifting enemies are generally diseased opposite Piercing attacks, armored enemies opposite Crushing attacks and so on. The defensive maneuvers from prior entries are also back, with Flash Move and Flash Guard being as useful as ever, a latter especially, as it grants invincibility and creates all attacks vicious for a brief volume of time.

While a elementary mechanics are not that opposite from a prior dual entries in a franchise, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana manages to feel uninformed for a lot of reasons. Firstly, a camera complement has been altered rather and it now feels some-more like a loyal third chairman camera. As a camera perspective can now be controlled, Falcom introduced a Lock-On system, that allows players to concentration on singular enemies in a many chaotic fights. Additionally, a group combined another complement that warns players of enemies out of perspective that are about to attack. With these new features, Falcom not customarily altered a array brazen though also prevented one of a many common issues of third chairman movement games: removing strike by secret enemies. The introduction of a lock-on complement also creates trainer battles softened than ever though altering a series’ standard learn-the-patterns-and-counter complement too much. Another new automechanic that creates fighting bigger enemies a bit easier is a Break mechanic, that leaves enemies quickly defensless and in juggle state after receiving mixed hits.

Another outrageous change is a introduction of a Castaway Village. While a encampment fundamentally acts as a game’s categorical hub, where players can squeeze items, urge weapons, buy additional costumes for all characters and more, it indeed plays a many bigger purpose in a grand intrigue of things. After a certain story event, Adol will be asked to take caring of a Village’s defenses like improving beast baits and more, improvements that will assistance him and a rest of a villagers in a Interception missions, mostly discretionary missions where players have to softened waves of monsters. The opening in any goal will be scored and graded, and a aloft class will outcome in a softened reward. Additionally, players can also use employs special skills from a castaways, skills that can be softened by augmenting their capitulation of Adol’s. Approval boost is tied to a elementary sub-quests that can be accessed from a village’s circular house that customarily engage entertainment equipment for certain villagers. While all this might seem a bit difficult on paper, it’s indeed flattering elementary to get used to all these mechanics, also interjection to a interplay between them: zero truly feels tacked on customarily to extend play time.

Exploration has also been rather upgraded from past entries in a series. Like in Memories of Celceta, Adol will be tasked with creation a map of a Island of Seirens by a Lombardia’s captain. Once certain milestones are reached, a captain will give Adol some useful rewards. Exploring a island entirely also comes with other benefits, as players can accumulate materials used to urge weapons, qualification equipment and brew potions, find treasures and Location Points, landmarks that give some-more celebrity to a Mediterranean looking Isle of Seirens. While exploring, players also have a possibility to fish and prepare dishes during camps, dishes that extend a celebration some useful proxy bonuses. Special equipment compulsory to continue scrutiny are also back, now named Adventure Gear. Thanks to them, players will be means to breathe underwater, stand over vines and more. Additionally, some obstacles will need a set array of discovered castaways to be removed, reinforcing a interplay between opposite gameplay features.

With a Ys array famous for a high plea level, Ys: Memories of Celceta rather unhappy long-time fans by permitting players to batch adult a outrageous array of recovering items, so creation trainer battles pardonable even during Nightmare difficulty. This, thankfully, doesn’t occur in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana, as a many absolute recovering equipment can customarily be brought along in dull bottles and these are accessible in singular numbers. Other equipment found in a margin offer decent healing, though they’re not as good as medicines, so apparatus government is utterly important. Speaking of problem levels and dull bottles, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana comforts a new problem environment called Inferno, where enemies are many faster and dull bottles are singular use only, creation for a truly heartless challenge. Normal problem is customarily right for those who never played a array before, while Hard and Nightmare offer an adequate plea turn for veterans though extreme frustration.

In Japan, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana has been expelled on PlayStation Vita before creation a burst on PlayStation 4 and, as such, a diversion isn’t accurately a best looking PS4 pretension to date. Still, Falcom took advantage of a additional energy offering by a Sony home console to make a Isle of Seirens demeanour colourful and beautiful. Character and monsters models also demeanour utterly good, compared to a latest entries, and all runs during a well-spoken 60 FPS framerate, with customarily some unequivocally tiny support rate drops in chaotic situations and large trainer battles. The soundtrack is also excellent, as it customarily is for Nihon games, and voice behaving mostly competent, with customarily some uncanny smoothness here and there. Strictly vocalization about a localization, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana is ok for a many part, though it’s sadly not on XSEED’s peculiarity level.

As a long-time fan of a series, we have enjoyed Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana some-more than we suspicion we would, as a story concentration introduced in Ys Seven and Ys Memories of Celceta rather altered a series’ breakneck gait in a approach we don’t quite like. With a new game, Falcom tweaked a change between story and action, formulating what’s one of a best movement role-playing games of a year.

PlayStation 4 chronicle tested (code supposing by a publisher). You can buy it around Amazon.

It took years for Falcom to rise a ideal entrance in a series, and with Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana, they finally managed to do so by enlightening a renewed story concentration and gameplay mechanics introduced in Ys Seven though holding divided what creates a array so enjoyable. With a well-executed, despite not unequivocally strange story, desirable cast, quick paced conflict system, enchanting trainer battles, parsimonious plea turn and copiousness of side-content, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana is though a doubt a best entrance in a array and one of a best movement role-playing games expelled this year.

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