Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2020

YouTube Music adds a send choice forward of Google Play Music’s shutdown this year

Google is creation it easier for Google Play Music users to make a switch to a company’s now elite song app, YouTube Music, forward of a skeleton to close down Google Play Music after this year. Starting today, Google Play Music users will be means to pierce their libraries, personal ambience preferences and playlists to a newer YouTube Music use by approach of a new “transfer” choice accessible in a app.

The association has been usually operative to make YouTube Music a default song service, in sequence to eventually reinstate Google Play Music. Last year, for example, Google close down a Google Play Artist Hub and began preinstalling YouTube Music on Android smartphones. It pronounced during a time those moves were partial of a broader plan to combine a dual services.

Now we have a deadline of sorts for Google Play Music’s end-of-life — someday after this year, according to Google’s announcement.

One plea in this transition was a ability for Google Play users to keep their personalization preferences, library and playlists from Google Play Music, when relocating to a new service. Most users did not penchant a thought of starting from blemish after building adult years of story on Google Play Music.

That’s where today’s new “transfer” choice comes in.

On YouTube Music, users will be means to now click on a “transfer” symbol on iOS and Android to start a send of their uploads, purchases, total songs and albums, personal and subscribed playlists, likes and dislikes, curated stations and personal ambience preferences.

Following a transfer, users will immediately see an updated YouTube Music home shade reflecting a impact of this new information on their personalized recommendations. YouTube Music will also email users when a send is finish and their song has been entirely total to a in-app “Library” tab.

Current business will be alerted to a send choice around an email that includes some-more minute instructions.

Google also addressed Google Play Music user feedback by rolling out new facilities to YouTube Music directed during creation a newer use some-more concordant (in terms of underline set) with a comparison one.

It recently total increasing playlist length (from 1,000 to 5,000 songs), support for uploads (up to 100,000 marks — that is 50,000 some-more compared with Google Play Music), offline listening, lyrics and an Explore add-on for finding new music, playlists and genres.

In addition, podcast listeners are means to revisit a webpage ( to send their subscriptions and partial swell to Google Podcasts with a singular click. The Google Podcasts app, like YouTube Music, will offer as Google’s default podcast listening experience, identical to how Apple’s Podcasts is a possess dedicated app for audio programs.

YouTube Music has nonetheless to opposition Spotify or Apple in terms of profitable song subscribers. Earlier this year, a association pronounced YouTube Music and YouTube Premium total to have some-more than 20 million paid subscribers, though it didn’t mangle out how many users converted to paid business to entrance a song subscription offering. Meanwhile, Apple announced final year a Apple Music use surfaced 60 million subscribers; Spotify as of Q1 2020 now has 130 million paid subscribers.

In part, YouTube Music’s struggles are due to a fact that Google is handling dual apart song services, bursting a patron base. When Google Play Music entirely shuts down, that could change.

YouTube Music is being offering during a same $9.99 per month subscription cost as Google Play Music, that includes on-demand streaming, credentials listening, offline entrance and an ad-free experience. For $11.99 per month, users can extend that knowledge to YouTube by approach of YouTube Premium.

Google didn’t yield an accurate date for a shutdown of Google Play Music.

“For now, users will continue to have entrance to both services,” a association said. “We wish to safeguard everybody has time to send their calm and get used to YouTube Music, so we’ll yield copiousness of notice forward of users no longer carrying entrance to Google Play Music after this year.”

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