Published On: Fri, Jul 21st, 2017

YouTube launches the counter-terrorism examination for would-be ISIS recruits

Google’s large examination in digital counter-terrorism starts rolling out today. Collaborating with a possess in-house consider tank, Jigsaw, a new bid seeks to bury ISIS-related promotion on YouTube. Now, when a intensity ISIS partisan searches for famous nonconformist calm regulating a predefined set of keywords, they’ll instead be redirected to videos that deconstruct and confront a militant group. The plan is called a Redirect Method.

As a Redirect Method homepage explains:

“The Redirect Method uses Adwords targeting collection and curated YouTube videos uploaded by people all around a universe to confront online radicalization. It focuses on a cut of ISIS’ assembly that is many receptive to a messaging, and redirects them towards curated YouTube videos debunking ISIS recruiting themes. This open methodology was grown from interviews with ISIS defectors, respects users’ remoteness and can be deployed to tackle other forms of aroused recruiting discourses online.”

The Redirect Method began with an eight-week commander module enlisting 320,000 viewers that explored some pivotal insights around a kind of things that intensity ISIS recruits hunt for and what kind of calm does and doesn’t work as counter-propaganda. For example, documentary videos and citizen broadcasting mostly valid to be some-more effective during tackling pro-ISIS narratives, as did videos that featured eremite debates and videos from ISIS defectors.

The keywords that trigger YouTube’s new collection centered around hunt terms that contained certain ISIS sentiment, like a aphorism “Baqiyah wa Tatamadad (“Remaining Expanding”) and deferential terms like “Al Dawla Al Islameyah,” that includes a honorific “al-Dawla,” denoting respect.

For a promotion giant, a indication was elementary enough: emanate a plan of reaching intensity ISIS recruits only like any other kind of targeted promotion reaches a applicable consumer base.

The Redirect Method, hatched out of Jigsaw, is accessible as an open skeleton for other platforms and organizations seeking to opposite nonconformist propaganda.

TechCrunch reached out to Google to ask if a association has skeleton to generalize a Redirect Method to other prevalent forms of violent, nonconformist calm (non-Islamic U.S. domestic terrorism, for example) and we will refurbish a story with some-more fact when we hear back.

“As we rise this indication of a Redirect Method on YouTube, we’ll magnitude success by how most this calm is engaged,” a YouTube group wrote on a blog post. “Stay tuned for more.”

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