Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

YouTube HDR Playback Support Rolling Out To Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy Note 8 and Xperia XZ Premium

HDR video is solemnly apropos a sought after functionality for flagships. Currently, not all platforms support HDR playback, and there are usually handful calm sources including Netflix and YouTube with support for HDR video playback. Netflix has recently combined a few smartphones to a list of HDR support. Following a streak, YouTube has combined both a Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones to a list of upheld inclination along with a Sony Xperia XZ Premium and Galaxy Note 8.

If we check a list of Android smartphones that now have HDR support from online resources, afterwards we will see that there are usually a name few inclination like a LG V30, Galaxy Note 8, Xperia XZ Premium and a Xperia XZ1. Also, one of a biggest shortcomings is that not all a video calm is accessible in HDR. There are usually a few shows and cinema on Netflix that are also accessible in a HDR format.

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With YouTube’s HDR video playback entrance to 3 flagships, we are now carefree that we will shortly have some-more video calm in HDR. The latest YouTube refurbish brings a support for a Galaxy S8/S8+. A Redditor common a screenshot of video peculiarity options for a YouTube video labelled “The World in HDR in 4K (Ultra HD).” In contrariety to ubiquitous video peculiarity options, a list of options for HDR viewers ranges from 140p to 1440p during 60 FPS.

YouTube HDR

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Another post common by a Redditor shows YouTube HDR video on a Xperia XZ Premium. As good as these videos demeanour on a high-end arrangement of a Galaxy S8/S8+ and XZ Premium, a functionality is still in a nascent phase, and there are some issues with a video playback such as stuttering. One some-more thing that we contingency keep in mind is that HDR video playback sucks some-more battery life than normal HD videos. Some users have also reported that they can widen a video to fit in a full screen. Also, for upheld devices, there seems no approach to go behind to a non-HDR chronicle of YouTube.

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