Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

YouTube Gaming, Its Twitch Competitor, Set To Launch Tomorrow

Back in June, YouTube announced that it would be removing into a gaming diversion and launch a possess Twitch aspirant called YouTube Gaming. Tomorrow will be that day (in a US and UK), we’ve learned.

The site sits during

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 during 12.32.12 PM

Twitch is a site, acquired by Amazon, that lets we watch others play video games…or tide your games and promote your possess show. The YouTube Gaming site will drag all of a live streams and game-related videos into one place. Copycat or not. People adore examination and chatting about video games, and Alphabet/Google wants a square of that pie.


Google reportedly got into a behest for Twitch though Amazon won out during a finish of a day. The site is a outrageous square of Amazon’s e-commerce puzzle, with video diversion streams apropos real-time commercials for shopping those games.

Here are some shots of a mobile and web versions of YouTube Gaming:

  1. YouTube Gaming iOS and Web

  2. 2 Game Page

  3. 3 Live Chat

  4. 4 Channel Page

  5. 5 My Games

  6. 1 Home Feed

  7. 2 Game Page

  8. 3 Live Chat

  9. 4 Channel Page

  10. 5 My Games

YouTube Gaming will be accessible on both iOS and Android as well. The association is also rising an easier to start a live stream, in beta, tomorrow.

Frank Petterson, Engineering Manager on a plan for YouTube says “This is only a beginning.”

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