Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2017

YouTube For Android To Get AutoPlay Feature ‘Play As You Browse’ For Videos in Home Feed

YouTube already houses a “Autoplay” underline that automatically plays a subsequent video in a list, once a stream video ends. Now, it looks like Google is formulation to move a Autoplay underline on YouTube for Android app’s home screen.

Android Central first speckled a new underline on YouTube for Android. The newly-added choice “Play as we browse” works in a “Home” feed of a app. It plays a videos as users browse, though it has to be enabled from a app’s settings first.

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Thankfully, a underline is not as forward as a name suggests. It does not play audio automatically, that saves us from a pain of shutting a app. Instead, it overlays subtitles in a live preview of a video, right from start to end. The video during a tip of a homepage of a app starts personification initial while a subsequent one starts when we corkscrew down.

YouTube for Android

Photo Credit: Android Central

Besides, if we do not like a new “Play as we browse” feature, afterwards we have an choice to invalidate it from a Settings menu of a app. Just conduct to Settings General, and there we will find a choice to invalidate it. Alternatively, users will also be means to name possibly to have a underline when on a WiFi connection, as it can siphon a mobile information by automatically personification videos. In a Settings menu of a app, users will find a choice “Only on WiFi” to save profitable mobile data.

We consider that this new underline might not interest to each user. Admittedly, not everybody is a fan of autoplay underline on YouTube either. But we have to cut some tardy for YouTube as it is ceaselessly perplexing to urge a altogether functionality of app and web chronicle of a platform. Earlier this year, YouTube combined three-second previews of a video when hovered on a thumbnail, on a web version.

For now, a new “Play as we browse” underline is not accessible on all devices. YouTube is still contrast a underline on name inclination and will hurl it out shortly for all.

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