Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

YouTube drops Logan Paul from Google Preferred and puts his Originals on hold

YouTube has taken serve movement opposite amicable media star Logan Paul, dropping a vlogger from a Google Preferred program, that is meant to be a symbol of trust to vigilance to advertisers they can rest on these media creators to beget higher-quality content.

After Paul posted a video of a passed physique he filmed unresolved from a tree in Japan’s colloquially patrician “suicide forest,” it’s no warn that YouTube and Google would wish him out of a Preferred program. Paul isn’t cut off from all promotion advantages on YouTube, however, and can still use a YouTube Partner Program to monetize videos.

The consequences of Paul’s disgusting blunder in settlement don’t finish there, however: a YouTuber won’t be featured in a fourth deteriorate of a YouTube Red scripted strange “Foursome,” a association said, and any of his other arriving Originals projects are on reason for a time being, with their ultimate predestine still to be determined.

YouTube’s before movement opposite Paul following his misdemeanour embody receiving a strike for his defilement of a posted village guidelines, as good as releasing a matter about how a preference to lift a video was in gripping with a policies.

Paul announced following a debate that he was holding some time divided from his use of posting daily vlogs, and his final video on YouTube was his reparation post to viewers, that was published a week ago.

Featured Image: YouTube Kavos

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