Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

You won’t be means to repair Apple AirPods yourself and we substantially shouldn’t try


When it comes to headphones — quite those of a in-ear accumulation — DIY repairs are generally a no-go. If it’s a tattered handle shorting out, sure, squeeze your soldering iron and get to tinkering… though if it’s anything some-more difficult than that, you’re substantially looking during shopping a new pair.

It’s no surprise, then, that Apple’s minuscule wireless in-ear AirPods aren’t something that you’ll have any fitness patching adult yourself. Even if we get them apart, they’re never going behind together a same way.

iFixit got their hands on a span of AirPods and immediately started gutting them, as they do with only about each vital tool release. Even with a low believe of how these things tend to fit together, they weren’t means to get a AirPods messy but a fight.

“The earbud is a prohibited disaster of cables and adhesive,” they write in their teardown “and nothing of it seems quite penetrating on entrance out.”

Things got quite iffy once iFixit started enormous divided during a AirPod charging case, during that indicate they indispensable a Dremel and dental collection to get to a bottom of things. Fortunately, iFixit brought behind a ton of overwhelming photos to slake your oddity — including an xray shot of a charging case, display off what it looks like inside sans destruction.

For anyone who competence have gotten here by Googling “How to repair damaged Apple Airpod” while station over an AirPod and a raise of tools, let it be known: don’t do it. If we wish to tummy it for a consequence of curiosity, go forward — only know that it’s an autopsy, not a rescue mission.

iFixit’s final “repairability” measure comes in during 0/10, a measure they generally haven for inclination that tumble in a “Don’t even try regulating it.” category.

Care some-more about how a headphones perform day-to-day as against to how they’ll do underneath a knife? Check out Matthew Panzarino’s examination here.


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