Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

You Can’t Access Seasonal Events In Animal Crossing: New Horizons By Time Travelling

Animal Crossing EventAnimal Crossing Event

Today sees a launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ really initial update, notwithstanding a fact that a diversion isn’t technically ostensible to be out yet. It adds some flattering neat stuff, though a update’s central Japanese patch records endorse something that will expected greatfully and provoke certain fans of a diversion in equal measure.

The patch records prominence that ‘time travellers’ (meaning players who change their console’s date settings to knowledge a diversion using in a past or future) will not be means to knowledge any of a anniversary events designed for New Horizons forward of time. The initial one – a Easter Bunny Day eventuality – will need an online connection, permitting a program to check that a genuine date and time matches up.

If a dual don’t match, we won’t be means to entrance any of a event’s content, so we need to play a diversion in real-time to get any of their benefits. This new process of doing events could good be a approach to forestall spoilers leaking forward of time, as all players will see new events during a same – and scold – time.

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