Published On: Thu, Jun 24th, 2021

You can share tweets directly to Instagram Stories now

It’s a tiny thing, though one value savoring.

If you’re sleepy of your Instagram feed mostly being a pell-mell mashup of screencapped tweets and reshared TikToks, well, those things substantially aren’t going divided though one is about to demeanour a lot better.

Twitter only combined a capability to share a chatter directly to Instagram Stories, vouchsafing we pier over your crafty cross-platform moments properly. You can’t daub a tweets to bound behind to Twitter, though they demeanour good now. Unfortunately for Android users, it’s iOS-only for now.

The new cross-platform underline is only a little representation of Twitter’s lovely new flurry of product activity — a outcome of ascent vigour from investors who indicted a association of stagnating and designed to reject a CEO, Jack Dorsey. The association also only combined dual some-more vital facilities to commission users to monetize their tweets: paid subscriptions famous as “Super Follows” and ticketed events.

Twitter users have prolonged waited for a washing list of tiny quality-of-life tweaks to manifest, a materialisation that mostly materializes as an whole conspirator of reporters angry about how we still can’t revise tweets. But if it can keep a pace, Twitter competence finally be prepared to deliver.

See, doesn’t that demeanour nice?

Example of chatter embedded on Instagram Story

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