Published On: Mon, Apr 3rd, 2017

You Can Now Try Out Samsung’s Bixby On Your Nougat Running Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung recently launched a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones, though another articulate indicate during a launch eventuality for these flagships was initial AI assistant, Bixby. Now, what stays to be seen is either Samsung extends a Bixby payoff to comparison Samsung phones as well.

For now, Samsung seems to have 0 skeleton per a inventory of Bixby on Google Play Store. However, a user, takerhbk on XDA Developer Forums competence have a breakthrough for those who wish Bixby partner on Galaxy S7 device. Takerhbk also listed a routine on a forum that led to many users perplexing it out and it seems like Samsung Galaxy S7 inclination using Android 7.0 Nougat could run Bixby unofficially on their phone.

Not only a Galaxy S7 users, though any Samsung phone using Android Nougat can try a routine to get Bixby unofficially on their device. But, before move forward with a instructions, we would like to advise a users about a third-party downloads. It is rarely endorsed to do plenty investigate before removing on with a step-by-step process.

On a XDA Developer Forums, Takerhbk listed a following instructions:

  • Install a S8 launcher and Bixby APK
  • Open S8 launcher and go to a settings by prolonged dire on home screen
  • Activate Bixby and Reboot
  • Swipe left on your home shade to access Bixby

You can also download Bixby around APKMirror

Samsung’s Bixby partner is still in a flourishing phase, that means that there are still many functions that it is not means to perform like a rivalling assistants Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa. For a Galaxy S7 users, we would like to advise that your device competence already have a Google Assistant onboard and it is versed with many of a functionalities that can be finished around voice commands.

However, there is no problem with perplexing out a Samsung’s Bixby. Like Amazon Fire Phone’s Firefly, Bixby can also indicate an design of a product and uncover we a formula such as where we can buy it and how most it costs. Along with identifying a intent in a picture, Bixby will also indicate a plcae and uncover we a distinguished information about a area.

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