Published On: Sat, Jul 15th, 2017

You Can Now Share Files Of Any Format On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of a many renouned internet messaging apps on a marketplace and it only keeps on removing improved with all a new updates. While a app has also been a theme of blatantly duplicating Snapchat like underline called Status, it would not be wrong to contend that a underline has extended a altogether messaging experience. Now, a heading internet messaging app has been updated once again, bringing an prolongation to a underline that we all love. The latest chronicle of WhatsApp now allows we to share files to your contacts in any format. Let’s dive in to see some some-more sum on a subject.

WhatApp Now Allows You To Send A File Of Any Format To Your Contacts

WhatsApp has been updated with a ability to share files of any format. On Android, a record distance extent is 100MB while on iOS we get a somewhat some-more 128MB limit. You can now share anything we like trimming from APK files, MP3s, repository or any other form of file. The underline complacent in a contrast proviso and was a work in swell final month. The best partial about it is that it works on a web-based customer as well. This means that we now have a far-reaching accumulation of sources to share files with your contacts.

files-this-file-photo-taken-on-octoberRelated Facebook Is In The Works To Add A GIF Creating Tool In Its App’s Camera

Apart from this, a new refurbish also adds some-more functionality to a list as well. You now have a ability to name photos and videos right from a app’s camera interface. This will make it easier for users to share their photos and videos as a scroll-able list is accessible to simply select photos from. It’s really a neat further as it provides an palliate of entrance to your smartphone’s gallery.

The ability to share a record with any format is really a and for users. With this, users now have to rest a lot reduction on other services if they are looking to share specific record types. This also streamlines a altogether knowledge as we get a finish package and you’re not only limited to pity texts with your contacts.

While many companies have launched their possess internet messaging apps, like Google’s Allo, they have not been means to unseat WhatsApp. As we have mentioned earlier, Facebook has also combined a Snapchat-like underline in a WhatsApp app called Status. However, one thing that Facebook did not duplicate from Snapchat is a GIF formulating apparatus in a categorical app’s camera.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on a new WhatsApp update? Share your views in a comments.

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