Published On: Mon, Jun 5th, 2017

You can now send your friends income inside iMessage

As partial of iOS 11, Apple announced that users will now be means to send income to their friends around iMessage, and spend a change around a practical Apple Pay card.

The underline will be built into iMessage as an app, and radically lets we send and ask income with your contacts in one tap. The formation will also be means to do things like commend when someone says “you owe me $10” and automatically prompt we to send them a payment.

Of course, promulgation income around iMessage isn’t new — companies like Square and Venmo already have iMessage apps that let we send payments around their platform. But owning a whole ecosystem is always what gives Apple a top hand, and this time is no different.

Apple is integrating this peer-to-peer payments use with Apple Pay, that is what will make it a torpedo underline and eventually pass Venmo and Square Cash payments. After someone sends we money, a change lives on an Apple Pay practical label stored in your Wallet app. While we can of march income this income out to your bank account, we also can use a practical label to compensate anywhere Apple Pay is accepted, both in-store and online, but watchful a day for it to send to your bank account.

Essentially Apple is arising each iOS user a practical label that will reason a change they can spend anywhere they want. It’s a shining pierce for Apple, given they (and any payments company) creates most some-more income when users reason and spend a change instead of immediately cashing it out to their bank account.


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