Published On: Tue, Mar 14th, 2017

You can now send and ask income in Gmail on Android

Google Wallet has been integrated into Gmail on a web given 2013, though currently Google is rolling out a new formation on mobile. Starting today, users of a Gmail app on Android will be means to send or ask income with anyone, including those who don’t have a Gmail address, with usually a tap.

The user knowledge has been designed to make exchanging income as easy as attaching a file, Google explains in a announcement. To entrance a new feature, we daub a connection idol (the paperclip), afterwards select possibly send or ask money, depending on your needs. A pop-up window appears where we can submit a volume and supplement a note, and send.

The whole routine takes place in a Gmail app – we don’t have to have Google Wallet installed. In addition, recipients can configure it so a income they accept by Gmail goes directly into their bank account.  There are no fees involved, notes Google.

The goal, seemingly, is to take on discerning remuneration apps like PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash, by charity a underline to pierce income right within Gmail’s app. This could be useful for those times where a income is already a subject of an email review – like when you’re formulation a outing with friends, or removing a family to go in together on a present for your parents, for example.

But either or not people would consider to spin to Gmail for other uses, like bursting a cooking check or profitable friends behind for drinks, is another matter.

These one-off use cases are still some-more simply managed in standalone remuneration apps, where you’d don’t have to face a confusion of a swarming inbox usually to send a crony a few dollars we owe.

That said, Google is frequency alone in perplexing to enhance a functionality of a communications app to embody income exchanges. Snapchat offers a ability for friends to compensate others around Snapcash, Facebook has a identical underline by Messenger, and outward a U.S., messaging app WeChat is apropos a mobile remuneration giant, to name a few examples. Messaging platforms, in some cases, also support third-party remuneration bots, like Messenger’s support for PayPal, Stripe, TransferWise, and others.

Gmail isn’t unequivocally a messaging app, per se, though a email app is one of a many renouned on a market, given that Gmail’s user bottom now eclipses that of Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, and others.

What is engaging is that it took this prolonged to move a functionality introduced in 2013 to mobile inclination – and it’s usually on Android, during launch. That indicates that Gmail’s income send underline was not expected heavily adopted, or there would have been some-more user direct for a mobile knowledge by now.

Google says a income sell underline live now in a U.S. on web and Android.

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