Published On: Mon, Dec 4th, 2017

You can now import your Instagram contacts into Messenger

Facebook and Instagram have begun contrast a underline that allows we to some-more simply move your Instagram contacts into Messenger. The experience, that is wholly opt-in for a app’s users, is a latest in a array of integrations between Instagram and Facebook’s properties, that has progressing enclosed a cross-posting of Instagram Stories to Facebook as good as a ability to launch a Instagram app directly from Facebook. 

This time around, a dual apps are creation it easier to sync your Instagram and Messenger accounts with one another.

In Messenger, we can now revisit a People add-on and daub on a new choice “Connect to Instagram” to supplement your Instagram contacts to a list of friends we can strech with Facebook’s present messaging application. You can also supplement your Instagram contacts from a Messenger sign-up flow, if you’re a new user.

Only your mutual follow contacts on Instagram will be imported, so there’s no regard that Instagram supporters will now be means to spam we on Messenger, even if we don’t follow them back.


The choice creates clarity given that Instagram Messaging currently is a heavily used underline – 375 million users were on Instagram Direct as of this April, for example. Presumably, these are Instagram friends we competence wish to discuss with when on Messenger, too.

The formation is nonetheless another instance of how Facebook is leveraging a mixed mobile properties smartly to keep users in a ecosystem, and building out an even incomparable amicable network as a result. After all, not all Instagram users are Messenger users or Facebook users.

Plus, when a association combines a amicable graphs like this it’s means to improved bond a dots when there’s overlie (potentially definition some-more amicable information for advertisers in a prolonged run).

Facebook and Instagram aren’t rigourously announcing a launch of this feature, though we know it’s something a association has recently begun testing.

[h/t Jose Gutierrez]

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