Published On: Wed, Jun 14th, 2017

You Can Now Hide Photos and Videos From Your Instagram Feed, Thanks to ‘Archive’ Section

Last month, Instagram was speckled contrast a new underline dubbed “Archive.” It authorised users to censor their posts henceforth or for a brief period. Today, a underline went central on a app, that means we can now censor your photos or videos on Instagram.

To censor a print or video, usually open your form and daub on a 3 dots symbol located on a tip right of a photo, afterwards name “Archive” from a list. Once we repository your photo, it will pierce to a special territory of a app that will be manifest during a tip right dilemma of your profile. Of course, it will be manifest for we only.

The special Archive territory saves all a photos and videos that we archive. You can also “unarchive” a post by selecting a choice “show on profile,” or we can usually let it be there for your personal viewing.

How useful is this new feature?

We consider that this underline would come accessible for a users who are not happy with some of a photos or videos on their profile, though they don’t wish to undo them. With a new feature, they can keep a photos in their personal collection but a need of stealing them from a app. This way, they can also return such posts whenever they want. Also, a users who wish to take a mangle from Instagram, can repository all a posts and disappear for as most time as they want, but deletion a account.

Even this underline introduced by Facebook on Instagram reminds us of Snapchat’s Memories territory that is used to keep photos and videos that user doesn’t wish to share on a app. The usually disproportion is that Instagram’s new territory does not let users post photos or videos directly to it. Users initial need to post on their comment and afterwards repository it.

Nevertheless, it would be kind of engaging to see if Instagram does launch a reproduction of Snapchat’s Memories section, that would reason a photos and videos until users wish to share them on a app.

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