Published On: Thu, Feb 25th, 2016

You Can Now Edit And Format Your Google Docs By Voice

About 6 months ago, Google introduced voice typing for Google Docs on a web to concede we to foreordain your content into a document. Today it’s holding this underline a step serve by also permitting we to revise and format your content by voice, too.

This means we can now contend things like “select all,” “align center,” “bold,” “got to finish of line,” or “increase rise size” and Google Docs will (hopefully) know and follow your commands. You can find a full list of accessible commands here (and we can also only contend “voice commands help” in Docs and it will cocktail adult all of these commands, too).

If you’ve ever used desktop program like Dragon NaturallySpeaking afterwards we are substantially already informed with how these commands work. Using voice commands for modifying content never struck me as all that available (using a keyboard is simply faster for arising these commands), though if you have an spoil that keeps we from regulating a keyboard, these new commands might now make using Google Docs an choice for you.



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