Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2019

You Can Now Dress Up As Sothis In Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Sothis Outfit - Fire Emblem Three Houses (Female Byleth)

Nintendo’s positively been bustling with a lot of smaller announcements and reveals this week. Just yesterday, Cadence of Hyrule scored giveaway DLC adding Octavo as a playable impression and scary new sum about a multiplayer packs entrance to Luigi’s Mansion 3 subsequent year were shared.

Now, Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans are receiving a special holiday treat. Provided we have purchased a game’s Expansion Pass, you’ll now have entrance to a special outfit for Byleth, desirous by a puzzling lady named Sothis, who we confront during a start of a game. Below is a central announcement:

This outfit isn’t a final of a additional calm designed for a game, either. New story calm featuring additional playable characters, locations “and more” along with a giveaway refurbish will also be combined to Three Houses by 30th Apr subsequent year.

As a standalone purchase, a game’s Expansion Pass will set we behind $24.99 or your informal homogeneous and gives we present entrance to all of a downloadable calm expelled so far.

Sothis Outfit - Fire Emblem Three Houses (Male Byleth)

Have we altered your impression into this new outfit yet? Tell us down below.

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