Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

You Can Now Download Bill Gates’ Iconic Donkey Game for iPhone & Apple Watch

Bill Gates’ iconic dickey diversion for DOS, called DONKEY.BAS, is now accessible to download for both iPhone and Apple Watch.

DONKEY.APP Brings to Life an All-Time Classic – Relive a BASIC Gaming Era on Your iPhone, Apple Watch

Although there are loads of complicated games that we can knowledge on a mobile devices. But zero comes tighten to an all-time classical title. Some of these classics might come from a oddest of developers, such as Bill Gates. Yup, a same man who co-founded Microsoft.

Back in 1981, Bill Gates co-wrote an engaging small diversion called DONKEY.BAS for DOS – his one-and-only game. As we can tell from a name already, a title was created wholly in a BASIC programming language. But interjection to a dimensions called time, a diversion was prolonged mislaid adult until now. Today, a diversion has resurfaced and has been automatic for complicated inclination such as an iPhone and Apple Watch. Keep one thing in mind though, this diversion has zero to do with Microsoft during all. It doesn’t come from a company, instead, a third-party developer gave a title a new life.

According to a outline on a App Store.

Play a good grandmother of all racing diversion on your Apple Watch and iPhone! DONKEY.APP is a super elementary though frustratingly tough retro arcade game, desirous by Bill Gates’ one-and-only DOS game!

For a initial time on watchOS and iOS, relive a classical diversion that started it all! Beat a DONKEYS and turn a tip motorist you’re innate to be!

In box we are wondering, a developer did give a large shoutout to Bill Gates in a description, so we can rest positive he isn’t holding full credit for his work. Last though not a least, we will be gratified to learn a a game costs only a dollar to play. Hit adult on a couple next to conduct true to a download page.

  • Download DONKEY.APP for iOS

The aim of a diversion is simple: run over all a donkeys that seem before your car. Up for a challenge? Then give a diversion a shot. Also, let us know what we consider about this 8-bit gem for iOS and Apple Watch.

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