Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

You can now control a DJI Spark with Gamevice’s controller accessory

Gamevice is a bit like approach to spin your iPhone or iPad into a Switch, during slightest in terms of adding earthy controls to your gaming experience. But now a appendage can go over gaming, charity a approach to simply control a DJI Spark with combined pointing and softened ergonomics when compared to usually regulating a touchscreen device on a own.

This is indeed good news for Spark owners, given a petite worker has a lot going for it, including relations affordability, and decent pattern quality. But a one thing it’s lacking that a rest of a DJI lineup boasts is a plain earthy controller knowledge enclosed in a box – a Gamevice provides that, with a pattern that’s indeed higher to a central DJI controller in a series of ways.

You block your phone or inscription into a Gamevice directly around Lightning connector, and a earthy controls reside on possibly side. There’s a full element of buttons that concede we to control all aspects of a drone, including moody and print and video capture.

In further to Spark support, a Gamevice now works with Sphero’s SPRK+ programmable robot. If you’ve ever used a Sphero round bot, we competence already be wakeful that earthy controls simply trump a onscreen hold supportive variety.

Gamevice starts during $59.99, and also still supports a operation of games including Minecraft’s mobile iteration. If you’re a Spark fan, it’s really value a look, given it fundamentally addresses one of a usually weaknesses of a DJI worker but requiring a poignant financial investment.

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