Published On: Sun, Apr 12th, 2020

Yooka-Laylee Is Now Three Years Old

Yooka Laylee BirthdayYooka Laylee Birthday

Can we trust it? Playtonic’s doubtful twin Yooka-Laylee is now 3 years old! The strange diversion of a same name was initial expelled on a 11th of Apr 2017 after a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. And nonetheless it never saw a light of day on Nintendo’s Wii U, it did eventually uncover adult on a Switch.

To applaud this special milestone, a game’s publisher Team17 has expelled a following tweet, seeking fans to share their favourite moments so distant with these characters.

In this brief time frame, Yooka-Laylee has done a cameo in a fighting diversion Brawlout and seemed in a side-scrolling sequel, Yooka-Laylee and a Impossible Lair. If we haven’t attempted out a second diversion yet, now is a ideal time. It’s now on sale on a Switch eShop for only $20.09 / £16.74.

Earlier this week, Playtonic also rolled out a new refurbish for a Impossible Lair, creation it a small bit easier. A second refurbish will follow this on 14th April, and adds in an 8-bit soundtrack.

On interest of everybody here during Nintendo Life, happy birthday Yooka-Laylee. Share your possess favourite memories of these characters and their games in a comments below.

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