Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Yep, The New FIFA Game For Nintendo Switch Will Be Another Legacy Edition

As expected, EA’s reward sports array FIFA will be returning to a Nintendo Switch this year. Once again, a hybrid height will be receiving a somewhat updated chronicle – strictly famous as FIFA 21: Legacy Edition.

If you’ve played any of a prior entries on a Switch, we should already know what to expect, though for those who don’t, here’s a outline from EA’s FIFA 21 FAQ:

What will be enclosed in FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch?

The FIFA 21 Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch facilities a latest kits and patrol updates for a arriving season, updated display (in-game menus and promote overlays), though no new diversion modes or gameplay innovations.

To make it clear, a diversion will be using on a existent engine (designed for Switch), rather than a next-generation one. And as remarkable above, there’ll be no new diversion modes or gameplay innovations.

This newest entrance will arrive in Oct on PS4, X1, and PC – though during a impulse there’s no discuss of a Nintendo recover date. Until we hear some-more about this version, check out a latest EA Sports trailer (for other platforms) below:

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