Published On: Fri, Jun 5th, 2020

YC-backed Tajir raises $1.8M to assistance mom-and-pop stores source register in Pakistan

A series of high-profile firms and startups have set adult logistics networks in India in a final decade as they try to technology area stores.

Bangalore-headquartered startup Udaan, for instance, works directly with brands and sellers to source register and sells and delivers it to stores by a business-to-business marketplace. It’s a large opportunity. Most area stores that dot tens of thousands of cities and towns in India are still offline.

The startup has warehouses widespread opposite a country, several in New Delhi and Gurgaon.

If we transport a few hundred miles west, things demeanour really familiar. Pakistan has several similarities to India: a cities are only as unenlightened and populated, for one. But a startup ecosystem in a nation, that is most smaller than India in distance and population, is still in a nascent stage.

But slowly, tellurian investors who arrived in India and other Asian markets in a final decade are commencement to demeanour during Pakistan and gamble on startups that are elucidate identical challenges.

Tajir, a Lahore-headquartered startup, currently serves some-more than 15,000 area stores, locally famous in a segment as kirana, opposite Pakistan.

The two-year-old startup, a initial startup from a republic to be corroborated by Y Combinator, pronounced on Friday that it has sealed a new financing round.

Pioneer Fund, Golden Gate Ventures, Fatima Gobi Ventures, Karavan, and VentureSouq led a round, with appearance from a purchase of angel investors, Tajir co-founders Babar Khan and Ismail Khan told TechCrunch in an interview.


Tajir offers full clarity on a prices of several products, addressing a plea that store owners confront offline any day, and sells and delivers inventories to a stores, pronounced a Khan brothers, whose father ran an FMCG sell placement business for 3 decades.

“We assistance store owners save income on register and assistance them boost their sales,” pronounced Ismail.

Like in India, offline sell drives a immeasurable infancy of sales in Pakistan. “The sell is even some-more confused here compared to adjacent nations,” they said. There’s no Amazon or any vital hulk using an e-commerce business for consumers in Pakistan today.

For Babar and Ismail, that’s a large event as they scale. According to central supervision data, there are about 2 million area stores in Pakistan.

Tajir is gaining belligerent in a republic currently mostly by word-of-mouth publicity from existent partners, yet a startup also maintains a sales group to teach some-more store owners about their platform.

It skeleton to use a collateral to enhance a charity and rise some-more services that stores need to grow their business, a brothers said. These offerings could embody a wider catalog of inventory, and entrance to financial services, they said.

“We wish to offer an essential use to each singular mom-and-pop store in Pakistan,” pronounced Babar.

Tajir currently does not have any vital competitor, that is good news as a lot is roving on a founders’ shoulders who are among a early collection of entrepreneurs in a country. In many ways, their success will establish a notice of a Pakistani marketplace to investors worldwide.

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