Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2020

YC-backed EduRev wants to democratize online training in India

As edtech startups emerge and enhance in India, millions of students in a nation now have an additional choice to select from when they ready for rival exams.

But notwithstanding a proliferation of inexpensive Android handsets and accessibility of some of a world’s cheapest mobile information plans, online training platforms in India are struggling to interest to a masses since their charity is too costly for many.

EduRev, a Y Combinator-backed startup (W20), thinks it can residence this. The two-year-old startup offers an all-you-can watch catalog in a Netflix-esque conform that costs between $20 to $50 a year — compared to anything between $300 to $4,000 that other platforms charge.

The startup has partnered with teachers around a nation to make their classes — directed during primary propagandize to high-school and to students scheming for undergraduate-level march — accessible on a platform.

Students can come and devour some of this calm — that includes notes, prior year examination papers, ridicule tests, and category videos — for no charge, though entrance to full-course and additional catalogs requires apropos a subscriber, explained Kunaal Satija, co-founder of EduRev, in an talk with TechCrunch.

“Most of a classes in India are not efficient. The immeasurable infancy of students are not unequivocally training much. There is also a serious miss of good teachers in a country. And if offline to online transition did not already have a training bend trustworthy to it, it is also expensive,” he said.

To replicate a normal training experience, EduRev also has a amicable aspect to it. Students can follow their friends and lane their swell and attend in assisting other students transparent their doubts and poise their possess questions. These facilities are accessible to non-paying users as well.

The cost and wider-catalog availability, Satija said, has helped a startup benefit millions of users. The height has amassed over 450,000 monthly active users.

He declined to share how many essential users EduRev now has, though pronounced a startup has been operationally essential for final 4 months.

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