Published On: Wed, Dec 23rd, 2020

Yayzy app automatically calculates a environmental impact of your spending

Ahead of a branch of a New Year, many people are wishing they could do something about a environment. Now, a UK startup hopes to make a environmental impact some-more personal.

Yayzy has now launched an iOS app (but Android is coming) that literally links to your bank comment to work out a environmental impact of what we buy. It uses remuneration information around Open Banking standards to automatically calculate a CO footprint of any squeeze a user makes, giving them a design of their sum monthly CO emissions. This creates a CO footprint distributed some-more accurate and bespoke to a individual, permitting them to immediately bond their spending to a impact on a planet.

Yayzy has cumulative £900,000 in subsidy from Antler Venture Capital, Seedrs (a crowdfunding round) and a CoreAngels Impact Fund. As a user sees what a CO footprint is of their purchase, they can select to equivalent it right afterwards and there on a app around a CO offsetter Ecosphere Plus. In a app, users can also find tips to revoke their CO footprint, eco-friendly retailers nearby them or insights into lifestyle choices that have a top environmental impact.

Their competitors are people like CoGo, a real-time Carbon Footprint tracker, and and Doconomy and a shortly to launch Tred.

But Yayzy is holding a opposite approach. It brings together all of a user’s spending and shows them object by object as they spend, what a CO footprint of that spend is. So distant – it claims – a competitors don’t do that.

Yaysy app

This can be finished ad hoc, object by item, or by signing adult to a monthly subscription to possibly CO offsetting projects or a user’s possess singular meridian portfolio. This portfolio would gold mixed projects together for a some-more ‘holistic’ impact. Yayzy says all of these projects have been delicately comparison formed on despotic criteria, and also allege a UN Sustainable growth goals.

For a underlying CO data, Yayzy is regulating Vital Metrics
as used by Google, Microsoft and both a UK and US governments, among others.

Mankaran Ahluwalia, cofounder and CEO of Yayzy pronounced in a statement: “While emissions have gradually risen as lockdown eases, YAYZY wants to put us all in a driver’s chair to control a possess environmental impact… It is transparent from a engorgement of surveys that a infancy of people wish to residence meridian change before it is too late, though that a outrageous intention/action opening blocks most of it. Our resolution with Yayzy is to make environmental impact ‘up tighten and personal’ and a movement to tackle it super easy, all around your phone.”

Ahluwalia, was as a record researcher with Infosys and built a lending height for swap credit. Cofounder Cristian Dan, CTO, formerly built a discounts height and cofounder Pedro Cabrero, CFO was in equity sales and trade for UBS and Citigroup, and co-founded a a heading online pharmacy in Mexico.

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