Published On: Fri, Aug 14th, 2015

Yahoo’s Audio-Free Video Messaging App Livetext Is Now Available Worldwide

If we were intrigued by Livetext, a audio-free video messaging app launched by Yahoo final month, though don’t live in a U.S. or a handful of exam markets where it was available, afterwards we have news for you. The app is now live worldwide, that means anyone with an iOS and Android device can get reason of it.

The days when mobile messaging was an under-catered zone are prolonged gone, we during TechCrunch get a solid tide of pitches from people behind new messaging apps on a daily basis, but, to give Yahoo some credit, a app does offer something opposite to a biggest players in a discuss app space. That’s since while we can lamp video to your friends, it is wholly silent.

Why on earth would we wish to do that? Well, Arjun Sethi — Yahoo’s Senior Director of Product Management, who assimilated The Big Y when it acquired his startup MessageMe —  thinks it creates communicating some-more elementary and reduction stressful. Gone are a concerns about credentials sound or other chores. Yahoo believes a Livetext knowledge is same to text messaging though with emotion.

Personally, I’m a small some-more doubtful of either a app can final — it’s a severely late attainment in a space where a widespread army have racked adult outrageous userbases — but, if a guarantee of a somewhat opposite knowledge ticks a box for you, you’re now giveaway to give Livetext a spin regardless of where live. (Here’s a iOS download link — the Android app is here.)

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