Published On: Thu, Feb 27th, 2020

Yacht Club Games Reveals Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon For Nintendo Switch

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon.

The news comes from today’s Yacht Club Games Presents video presentation, where a code new puzzle-adventure mashup was shown off for a initial time. Players will join Shovel Knight on a tour into a inlet of a suggested Pocket Dungeon, fasten adult with a puzzling beam famous as Puzzle Knight to trowel by foes, squeeze new equipment, and conflict bosses both new and familiar.

It’s radically a descending block-style puzzler, though it comes with a dungeon-crawling twist, as explained by this underline list:

Game Features
● Enter a star of descending retard nonplus games, with a dungeon-crawling twist! An all-new hybrid that’s never been seen before.
● Bump into enemies to conflict them and trade repairs in a singular fight system. Group foes together for large sequence attacks while grabbing keys, power-ups, and potions to refill your health!
● A confidant new visible character complements a new story. Learn a ropes from your companion Puzzle Knight as we try to shun a puzzling Pocket Dungeon. Shovel Knight’s signature storytelling and amusement are on full display!
● Take control of some-more than 10 of your favorite heroes from a Shovel Knight universe, any with a singular energy and play style.
● Equip yourself on a fly with a value trove of apparatus and equipment. Mix and compare your loadout to ready for any encounter.
● Play in a accumulation of ways with Story Mode, 2 actor rival Versus Mode, and most more.
● Another exquisite soundtrack in a new character by startling specialist Jake Kaufman!

The diversion will be expelled on Nintendo Switch and other platforms this fall.

Are we a Shovel Knight fan? Do we consider you’ll give this nonplus journey a go? Share your thoughts with us in a comments below.

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