Published On: Mon, Aug 24th, 2020

Yac gets corroborated by Slack to move a cognisance of voice behind when remote co-workers interact

Yac, a digital voice messaging use that launched final year, has lifted new income from a Slack Fund as it continues to benefit belligerent among companies looking to give their employees new communication collection for remote working.

The Florida-based startup primarily spun out of a representation during Product Hunt’s Maker Festival. Developed by a digital group SoFriendly, Yac’s digital voice messaging use won a startup foe during a eventuality and captivated a seductiveness of Boost VC and a founder, a third era try capitalist, Adam Draper .

Yac strictly launched in Mar and had 900 teams pointer adult within a initial week. The company’s product now includes one-to-many messaging, tardy formation and an softened desktop app. It also managed to attract a courtesy of a Slack Fund.

The investment from Slack comes dual years after Yac’s owner Justin Mitchell initial reached out to a company, Mitchell said.

Instead of a cold call, Mitchell found himself as a intent of Slack’s courtesy interjection to an introduction from Jim Rand, an businessman whose Synervoz Communications was also operative on new voice communications applications.

Rand and Mitchell had connected by LinkedIn and connected over a trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. As they continued talking, Rand, whose association creates an api to bond audio applications to other services, asked if Mitchell wanted to speak to Slack about collaborating.

Slack reached out and Mitchell responded around a Yac app. Essentially all of a due industry was conducted over a array of voice messages that Mitchell left responding to questions from a Slack team, Mitchell said.

The publicly traded messaging association came in with a tiny investment of $500,000.

Yac now has a bit over 5,000 users on a use and charges per seat, in a same approach Slack does. Mitchell pronounced he will use a supports to confederate some-more closely with Slack’s possess messaging service. Some Yac facilities will automatically be integrated into Slack where users can spin their call symbol into a Yac symbol to broach audio messages instead of doing real-time phone calls.


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