Published On: Mon, Sep 4th, 2017

Xiaomi aims to upstage a iPhone with inheritor to acclaimed bezel-less smartphone

Xiaomi’s bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone grabbed a outrageous volume of courtesy when it launched final October. Now a Chinese phone builder is removing some-more opportunistic with a follow-up version, that it skeleton to betray during an eventuality in Beijing one day before Apple’s iPhone launch.

The timing is ideal for Xiaomi. Its final device was a pound and there’s outrageous expectations on a subsequent iPhone.

All eyes will be on Apple, that needs to recover a device that distinguishes itself from a past few tick-tock iterations to boost a code and seaside adult descending sales in China. From what we’ve seen so distant from leaks, it appears that a subsequent iPhone will embody some radical changes, though in rising a day prior, Xiaomi will take a spotlight for 24 hours and lay a belligerent for instruction comparisons with Apple’s subsequent flagship.

The Mi Mix was a strike over Xiaomi’s common pool of fans interjection to a overwhelming front pattern that is scarcely all shade and really small bezel.

The strange Mi Mix was denounced in Oct 2016

At a time that was a critical breakthrough — Xiaomi primarily billed a Mi Mix as a judgment device — though now screens are a prohibited subject for smartphones in 2017. LG and Samsung have denounced inclination with minimal bezels, using with a Mi Mix’s pattern lead, so naturally there’s copiousness of expectation over what Xiaomi has adult a sleeve for a follow-up model.

Early leaks advise an even smaller bezel — well of course! — with Qualcomm as-yet-announced Snapdragon 836 chipset and support for Android 8.0 Oreo off a bat.

Xiaomi isn’t observant too most for now… since because spoil a eventuality when you’ve set it adult so nicely.

2017 has been a most improved year for Xiaomi after it had struggled to say heady expansion of a early days over a final dual years.

CEO Lei Jun certified that Xiaomi had grown too quick when looking during a 2016 results, though this year it seems to have found a stroke with considerable sales expansion and a new $1 billion loan to put a concentration behind on a general growth, that had stalled in new times with small pointer of success outward of China.

In that respect, a Mi Mix launch timing is ideal for Xiaomi. Now we wait until Sep 11 to see what comes next.

Featured Image: Xiaomi

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