Published On: Fri, Apr 7th, 2017

Xbox Project Scorpio Uses GTX 1080-Like Vapor Chamber Cooling & Custom Centrifugal Fan For Heat Dissipation

Microsoft’s extended Xbox console, Project Scorpio, uses vapor-chamber cooling as seen in high-end GPU’s and a tradition designed blending centrifugal fan to waste a generated feverishness inside a console.

The final specifications for Microsoft’s Scorpio plan were suggested by Eurogamer yesterday, and from a looks of it, a extended Xbox will be a absolute console indeed. The Scorpio sports a tradition eight-core grown AMD Jaguar CPU clocked during 2.3Ghz, a GPU with 40 customized discriminate units during 1172MHz, 12GB of quick GDDR5 memory, and some-more than 320GB/s of memory bandwidth.

While some competence have hoped for AMD’s new Ryzen technology, a Scorpio uses grown tradition Jaguar cores to say retrograde harmony with a stream Xbox One console. “So, 8 cores, orderly as dual clusters with a sum of 4MB of L2 cache. These are singular customized CPUs for Scorpio using during 2.3GHz”, Microsoft’s ubiquitous manager of Xbox console architecture, Nick Baker, told Eurogamer.

To maximize opening and optimize energy consumption, Microsoft uses a technique called a ‘Hovis Method’. The technique, named after a operative who grown it, tradition tunes and optimizes a voltages for any singular Scorpio engine processor. “We fundamentally excellent balance a voltages for any of a chips and optimize them so a chips are removing accurately what they need to get a pursuit done…”, Microsoft’s ubiquitous manager of Xbox hardware design, Leo Del Castillo, explained to Eurogamer. “That drives a most aloft grade of potency into a complement and allows us to get absolved of a lot of squandered energy that would differently come out as heat.”

The radical high clock-speed of Scorpio’s GPU still generates a lot of feverishness that needs to be cooled and diminished from a console. To grasp this, Microsoft has opted for an copper vapor-chamber cooling as seen in high-end GPU’s like NVIDIA’s GTX 1080, that uses modernized glass cooling to keep a Scorpio engine cool.  To mislay a generated condensated feverishness from inside a console, a Scorpio facilities an centrifugal fan instead of customary axial fans.

“We went to a tradition designed blending centrifugal fan for this design,” Del Castillo said. “It kind of looks like a supercharger on a car, it looks like an intercooler almost. Every partial about this is tradition designed for a application.”

Eurogamer’s disdainful demeanour during a Scorpio is rather interesting, and we rarely advise we review their full Scorpio articles.

Based on a information suggested by Eurogamer, we can’t be some-more vehement for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

Microsoft will expected use it’s E3 lecture this year to entirely betray a Scorpio and uncover of a games. What are your thoughts about a arriving extended Xbox console?

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