Published On: Thu, Jan 24th, 2019

X-Morph: Defense Is A Top-Down Shooter, Tower Defence Hybrid Blasting Onto Switch Next Month

X-Morph: Defense is only underneath a month divided from blustering onto a Switch’s digital scene, and a grounds and gameplay positively demeanour intriguing.

Blending top-down shooter gameplay with classical building defence, this one has players holding control of an visitor race, unleashing ruin on humans and conquering a Earth for a change. You’ll need to take resources, build mazes for incoming enemies, rip down buildings, and fall bridges to support your defence, all while utilising a operation of visitor weapons and counterclaim strategies.

If we like a sound of this one so far, check out a game’s central blurb:

An unclear intent crashes into a aspect of Earth, in South Africa. Rapid response units are immediately sent to a stage to investigate. This competence be a initial hit with an visitor life form, after all. Upon arrival, all a tellurian vehicles are obliterated by a aliens. Their bottom expands, covering a Earth with a strange, lead substance. Your alertness is eliminated to a really core that has only landed on Earth. The goal – strap all a appetite on a planet. Protect a core. Destroy all opposition.

We also have even some-more info for we in a figure of a underline list:


• Dynamic complement for destroying buildings. Every building in a diversion can be broken square by piece, while picturesque production make-believe creates each drop unfolding unique;
• 28 opposite rivalry types, both belligerent and airborne;
• The Main Campaign offers tighten to twenty hours of adrenaline-powered gameplay, upheld by 3 unconstrained DLCs;
• Epic duels with severe bosses;
• 10-level Survival Mode campaign;
• Numerous forms of weapons, towers and upgrades that impact a vital abyss of a game;
• Completely destructible sourroundings and singular building invulnerability mechanics that emanate unconstrained gameplay possibilities;
• All-star voice expel – including Michael McConnohie, Natalie Roers, Ryan Laughton and Tori Kamal;
• 13 denunciation versions available.

X-Morph: Defense will power down on Switch on 21st February, set to be labelled during $19.99. The diversion launched on Steam in 2017 receiving “very positive” reviews.

Are we fondness a demeanour of this one? Will we be giving it a go when it arrives on Switch? Tell us below.

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