Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021 owners Automattic acquires journaling app Day One

Automattic is expanding a lineup of online essay platforms with a merger of Day One, a renouned journaling app for Mac and Apple mobile devices. The app has been downloaded some-more than 15 million times given a Mar 2011 launch on a Mac and iTunes App Store, charity users a private place to share their thoughts. Since then, it’s been awarded a App Store Editor’s Choice, App of a Year and a Apple Design Award, along with regard from several reviewers.

Deal terms are not being disclosed. Day One had been bootstrapped and self-funded for 10 years.

The further creates for an engaging enlargement of Automattic’s now flourishing collection of online essay tools, that currently embody blogging platforms and Tumblr — a latter as of 2019, when Automattic took a aging amicable blogging network off primogenitor association Verizon’s hands for a fragment of a progressing $1 billion merger price. (Verizon still owns TechCrunch, too…for now.)

Unlike WordPress and Tumblr, that tend to concentration on edition to a open audience, Day One’s concentration has been on privacy. The app offers end-to-end encryption for all your biography entries, that can embody text, media and even audio recordings. It has also offering modernized facilities like involuntary backups, auto-import of Instagram posts, voice transcriptions, templates, abounding calm formatting, plcae story and discretionary printed books, as good as integrations with other platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

With a further to Automattic, Day One will concede users to name to tell name biography entries to and Tumblr, and, soon, import calm from possibly height behind into Day One, too. The app might also make clarity as a approach for existent Tumblr users to sync their private entries over to a some-more stable and backed-up essay apparatus — instead of incidentally edition them to their categorical blog.

Automattic, in an announcement, records Day One CEO Paul Mayne will continue to lead a growth of Day One following a acquisition. The group of 12 will also sojourn intact.

“We are operative tough and creation certain that their teams are uniformly integrated, and together we can continue to build a common and strong culture,” Maybe told TechCrunch. He pronounced there will be no transition routine for stream business — all will continue to work as usual.

Meanwhile, in a blog post, Mayne hints during because he sole a app, observant a understanding will concede Day One entrance to a same technological, financial and confidence advantages that assistance energy and Tumblr.

“This is impossibly sparkling news. For a past 10 years given we started Day One, I’ve worked to not usually emanate a best digital journaling knowledge in a world, though one that will last,” shares Mayne. “By fasten Automattic, I’m now some-more assured than ever that a refuge and longevity of Day One is sure,” he adds.

Mayne also remarkable there were no stream skeleton to change a private inlet of Day One, though a app would confederate with other Automattic products going forward, while stability to means itself around a subscription model. Existing business will see no changes to pricing, we’re told.

According to information from Sensor Tower, Day One’s mobile app saw 4.4 million tellurian installs. Last year, it strike around 993,000 installs, down 10% from some-more than 1 million in 2019 — though this slight drop could have been attributed to desktop downloads, as users updated their journals from home computers during Covid lockdowns.

Updated, 6/14/21, 9:43 PM ET with additional sum from Mayne. 

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