Published On: Wed, Oct 14th, 2020

WordPress can now spin blog posts into tweetstorms automatically

Earlier this year, WordPress .com introduced an easier approach to post your Twitter threads, also famous as tweetstorms, to your blog with a introduction of a “unroll” choice for Twitter embeds. Today, a association is addressing a flip side of tweetstorm announcement — it’s creation it probable to spin your existent WordPress blog post into a tweetstorm with only a integrate of clicks.

The new underline will concede we to twitter out each word of your post, as good as a concomitant images and videos, a association says. These will be automatically extrinsic into a thread where they go alongside your text.

To use a tweetstorm feature, a WordPress user will initial click on a Jetpack idol on a tip right of a page, afterwards bond their Twitter comment to their WordPress site, if that hadn’t been finished already.

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The choice also supports mixed Twitter accounts, if we wish to post your tweetstorms in several places.

Once Twitter is connected, you’ll name a comment or accounts where we wish to tweet, afterwards select a newly combined choice to share a post as a Twitter thread instead of a singular post with a link.

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In a box provided, you’ll write an rudimentary summary for your tweetstorm, so Twitter users will know what your Twitter thread will be discussing.

When we afterwards click on a “publish” button, a blog post will be common as a tweetstorm automatically.

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The underline was also designed with a few courteous touches to make a tweetstorm feel some-more natural, as if it had been created directly on Twitter.

For starters, WordPress says it will compensate courtesy to a blog post’s formatting in sequence to establish where to apart a tweets. Instead of make-up a initial twitter with as many difference as possible, it places a mangle during a finish of a initial sentence, for example. When a divide is too prolonged for a singular tweet, it’s automatically separate out into as many tweets as needed, instead of being cut off. A list block, meanwhile, will be formatted as a list on Twitter.

To assistance writers qualification a blog post that will work as a tweetstorm, we can select to perspective where a tweets will be separate in a amicable preview feature. This allows WordPress users to improved figure a post to fit Twitter’s impression extent as they write.

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At a finish of a published tweetstorm, Twitter supporters will be means to click a couple to review a post on a WordPress site.

This addresses a common censure with Twitter threads. While it’s useful to have longer thoughts posted to amicable media for attention, reading by paragraphs of calm directly on Twitter can be difficult. But as tweetstroms grew in popularity, collection to solve this problem emerged. The many renouned is a Twitter bot called @ThreadReaderApp, that lets users review a thread in a long-form format by mentioning a comment by name within a thread along with a keyword “unroll.”

With a launch of a new WordPress feature, however, Twitter users won’t have to spin to third-party utilities — they can only click by on a couple supposing to review a calm as a blog post. This, in turn, could assistance spin Twitter supporters into blog subscribers, permitting a WordPress author to boost their altogether reach.

WordPress’ skeleton to deliver a tweetstorm underline had been announced final month as entrance in a Jetpack 9.0 release, nearing in early October.

The underline is now publicly available, a association says.

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