Published On: Sun, Jun 28th, 2020

Wonderful 101 Kickstarter Backers Hit With Customs Charges And Handling Fees

I had been observant this for years that any games being finished by Kickstarter aren’t as good as they make it out to be though did anyone listen nope. Doesn’t matter if Shigeru Miyamoto or Hideo Kojima themselves make a game, if it’s by Kickstarter we gamble I’m not jumping into that ship. People kept ancillary these practices and still are warn because they kept removing screw, like c’mon we know what’s gonna occur and ya kept sanctimonious it’ll get better, no it’ll never get better. If they could get divided with it, it won’t get better. Just stop ancillary anything from large name association regulating Kickstarter, support a indie though large name dev like PlatinumGames, usually no. Even if Square Enix put a subsequent Final Fantasy XVI by Kickstarter or a reconstitute of FFVI were usually by Kickstarter, we wouldn’t caring to support it. Big name and Kickstarter are a scam, don’t support it, many projects with large names trustworthy mostly became mucky ex: Shenmue 3, Mighty No. 9, Unsung Story, Yooka-Laylee, Project CARS, a All Controller, Smach Z, Platinum Games, a Atari VCS, etc.

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