Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

With a Home Button Gone, How Do You Take a Screenshot on iPhone X? Here’s How

If you’re wondering how would we take a screenshot on a new Home button-less iPhone X, afterwards here’s how.

Press a Side Button + Volume Up Key Configurations to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X – Get Used to it Going Forward

In sequence to make room for an iPhone that was all-screen, some extreme decisions were taken by Apple. The ostracism of a Home symbol done a iPhone X possible, with Touch ID being transposed by Face ID for authentication purposes. But with a Home symbol now gone, one competence ask a question: how do we take a screenshot on a iPhone X? A satisfactory question, really. On any other iOS device detached from a iPhone X, we can simply press a Power and Home buttons together to squeeze a screenshot. On a iPhone X, we need to press a Side symbol + Volume up keys together in sequence to take a screenshot of a display.

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The buttons for holding a screenshot are summarized below.

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Since a Home symbol on a iPhone X is now gone, other changes have been introduced as good when it comes to interacting with a user interface. For example, if we need to go behind to a home screen, afterwards we simply appropriate adult from a bottom of a display. Looking to enter a multitasking menu? Just appropriate adult compartment a core of a display. How about bringing adult (rather, down) a Control Center? Swipe down from a right palm side of a notch. I’m certain this will take some time removing used to, though once a protocol is complete, we will all be prepared for smartphones from Apple that bear no outlines of a earthy Home button.

There are a ton of changes that are packaged inside a iPhone X and it all starts with that miraculous OLED display. In fact, Apple claims that this is a initial ever OLED row that’s estimable of a iPhone. But of course, genuine universe use tests will exhibit how good a shade fares when compared to a likes of a Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 as good as a newly announced LG V30.

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