Published On: Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

With one misspelled word, President Trump gifts Twitter a #covfefe meme

Covfefe: sometimes it takes something special to make we step behind and comprehend a state of a universe we live in.

That’s what happened this Tuesday dusk in a U.S. when President Trump means a internet a really astonishing present: a covfefe meme.

Within an hour of a misspelled word going out in a chatter to his 31 million followers, “covfefe” had turn Twitter’s No. 1 trending hashtag worldwide. It is even trending in countries outward of a U.S.

At a time of writing, a chatter was sent one hour ago and still had not been deleted. Over that period, it racked adult scarcely 35,000 retweets and over 42,000 likes.

As you’d expect, Twitter users — one of a internet’s many eager meme-loving communities — seized on a error, that has turn a source of most comedy.

Update: The President has now deleted a strange tweet, though afterwards done light of his blunder with another 140 impression missive.

Here are some of a favorite #covfefe tweets from today:

Featured Image: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg/Getty Images

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