Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2020

With Konami Refusing To Do A New Castlevania, Lords Of Exile Might Be The Next Best Thing

I would indeed like for Konami to give Lords of Shadows another go. Both games had their issues, yet they also had definite strengths.

I consider a 2D-Castlevania cravings can good be sated with some rather shining choice these days. You know your Hollow Knights, Dead Cells and Blasphemous to name yet a few.

I can’t pronounce to Bloodstained, since we unequivocally hated a cultured of that diversion (kinda a frigid conflicting to LoS then) and a gameplay unequivocally looked … we dunno, vexingly delayed and unwieldy to me. we will openly acknowledge yet that my favourite 2D-Castlevanias were indeed a NDS ones, maybe that is since – we dunno.

Anyways, indicate being, there is no genuine necessity of 2D games scratching that eagerness and while we consider 3D movement games are a dime dozen, there are indeed rather few that do what LoS did.

This on a other palm is approach to retro for me unfortunately – like we said, we foster a NDS ones anyways, not only since of visuals, yet also not notwithstanding them

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