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Witcher 3's Free DLC Update Doesn't Have A Switch Release Date Yet | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Tue, Dec 6th, 2022

Witcher 3’s Free DLC Update Doesn’t Have A Switch Release Date Yet

Image: CD Projekt Red

Next week sees a attainment of The Witcher 3’s “next-gen” refurbish opposite mixed platforms, though new information suggests it won’t be entrance to a Nintendo Switch on a same date.

Our friends during Eurogamer held adult with CD Projekt Red brazen of a giveaway update’s release, and apparently, there’s “no specific recover date yet” for a Nintendo Switch chronicle of a game. All that’s famous is it will arrive “later than 14th December”.

Witcher 3 next-gen refurbish writer Ryu Underhill mentioned how a group was “working tough to move it to [Switch] players” as shortly as possible, and some-more information will be common in a nearby future.

When a Switch chronicle of this refurbish does arrive, players can design a “same fixes and additional content” as other platforms like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Switch will also accept cloud-save and cross-progression features, as good as a new Netflix DLC. This new query will final for about “half-an-hour”, according to Eurogamer:

“…it’s about half-an-hour’s worth, and a bit some-more for a follow-up step. It was flagged as turn 15…”

Obviously, a Switch refurbish will not embody “next-gen facilities such as visuals/technical/gameplay improvements, modes” or “other additions” disdainful to next-generation platforms.

Via Eurogamer: “The Witcher Netflix DLC is a new scavenger hunt-style query that takes place inside The Devil’s Pit in Velen. The Devil’s Pit is a place we find yourself immediately after withdrawal a starter section of White Orchard. It’s that big, circular, wooden-fence-ringed place where zero seems to indeed happen. Currently, there are usually some humanoid enemies in there, and a large doorway to a cave is closed. This DLC opens those doors.”

You can see some-more of this next-generation refurbish in a prior Witcher 3 coverage:

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