Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2019

Witch Thief Sneaks Its 3D Shmup Gameplay Onto Switch Next Week

Witch Thief, an “intense though humorous story-driven 3D shooter”, is blustering a approach onto Switch subsequent week, it has been confirmed.

Featuring copiousness of 3D bullet ruin action, a diversion sees players streamer on a query to take an fascinated grimoire, personification as a snarky temptress exploring 5 hazardous zones. You’ll come adult opposite arena-based ambushes featuring hexed dolls and keen bosses, and you’ll be means to clear 3 some-more playable and equally feisty magician heroines with opposite powers and their possess personal stories.

A press recover for a diversion mentions a loose ‘Chill Mode’, with stretchable problem settings being accessible so that players of all ability levels can suffer a diversion during their possess pace. You can see a full list of facilities below.

Game features:
– Flexible problem – from customary limited-life modes with ramped hurdles to an innovative “Chill Mode”, where losing a life merely resets to arms defaults.

– Unique bullet-hell viewpoint – play in classical 2D Shmup viewpoint or over a shoulder 3D. Adjust a actor camera’s straight angle on a fly to best understanding with a patterns of attack, and use concentration control to combine both missile widespread and visible perspective.

– Unravel a universe of poser – learn opposite perspectives on a same story as 4 opposite playable witches, any with their possess singular abilities.

– Explore 5 particular zones – from scary timberland glades to pretentious cathedral vaults, any with mixed trainer battles and waylay arenas.

– Battle a expel of noted and relentless bosses in epic showdowns – from a castle’s defender angel to a chuckling bishop!

– Endless Dungeon Mode – try and overcome a unconstrained cave where a walls pierce and each play-through is different.

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