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Wireless & Noise Cancelling? Meet Encore S6: Well-Designed Bluetooth Headphones That Costs Just $60 | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sat, Oct 28th, 2017

Wireless & Noise Cancelling? Meet Encore S6: Well-Designed Bluetooth Headphones That Costs Just $60

A good set of headphones has roughly spin an essential prerequisite to knowledge a practical universe around us. From a immersive practical existence to games and entertainment, all depends of a sound peculiarity of this accessory. Tronsmart recently denounced their latest Encore S6 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones that promises to balance we out of your vicinity and ride we to a audio wonders with a gentle leather design.

Unpacking Encore S6 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

The Encore S6 comes in a flattering standard, reward packaging. The box includes a set itself along with a Micro-USB charging cable, one 3.5mm AUX wire for connected connectivity, and a user manual. While a pattern is on a bulkier side, a headphones can be folded holding reduction space.

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Before we dive into a knowledge a latest Encore S6 promises to offer, here is a finish list of specifications:

  • Dimensions: 190 x 164 x 75 mm
  • Weight: 270g
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Play time: 24 hours (with ANC 20 hours)
  • Standby time: 900h
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Wireless range: 10m
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Soft Memory-Protein Earmuffs
  • S6 can retard out 98% of noise

Design, capability comfort

A comparatively new comer from a flourishing Chinese marketplace of mid-range and reward products, Tronsmart appears to be directly competing opposite a likes of Aukey and Anker. Offering a series of opposite charging and audio products, a association uses high peculiarity of materials and pattern is unequivocally good finished than what many pattern from a Chinese appendage maker.

But afterwards during a cost tab of over $60, it isn’t a inexpensive span of headphones. The headphones are done of plastic, though still give a reward demeanour and feel, with ear pads done of leather. The manufacturer has also combined a pillow on a tip to make a use a small some-more comfortable. While this product is unequivocally not here to reinstate your bedtime song slight that usually works with in-ear accessories, it still offers a unequivocally gentle wear even if we use it for several continual hours.

To supplement some-more tailored comfort, a Tronsmart Encore S6 also allows a handles to be practiced in tallness by adult to 2.8 cm per side. Unlike some other products, this prolongation is indeed done of metal, creation it utterly fast even when they aren’t entirely extended. Once we lift or reduce this extension, it stays in place though carrying a need to regulate it over and over again.

fullsizeoutput_1bRelated Wireless Noise Cancelling? Meet Encore S6: Well-Designed Bluetooth Headphones That Costs Just $60

Since a product offers active sound cancellation, there are chances we will skip conference that doorbell or a oven timer going off generally if we are listening to song during near-maximum volume. But that doesn’t meant we will need to keep holding them off, as we can flip a ear pads outwards to temporarily display your ears. Sounds weird, though works like a charm…


Now to a many critical partial – does a ANC indeed work? How about a audio quality? Keeping a pricing of Tronsmart Encore S6 in mind and creation certain we aren’t comparing it to something like Bose, we was unequivocally sole on a sound peculiarity of Encore S6, creation it a ideal partner for your regulating or gym sessions.

The product lacks slightly when we are listening to slower tunes or exemplary music, though we will substantially usually feel that if we have been regulating a span value over $250. It unequivocally doesn’t provoke we or sound wrong to your ears – only that stone or complicated song works roughly ideally here.

The comfort that it offers for longer duration of time, a sound peculiarity that doesn’t unnecessarily foster drum (but isn’t bass-deficient – if there’s a tenure like that), and a high volume that doesn’t kill your ears creates Encore S6 a estimable choice in $60 – $80 cost operation that does a pursuit for an normal user who isn’t an audiophile.

As for a ANC, it does work beautifully. You will feel a disproportion when we aren’t personification any sound, we click on a NC symbol on a headphone itself and it tunes out any ambient sound. However, given a pads are unequivocally good designed, even if we don’t spin on a ANC, it still reduces a lot of credentials noise.

The functionality, buttons, battery, and more

The product comes with buttons to tweak volume levels, play/pause song or answer/end calls, go to subsequent or prior items, and spin a ANC on or off. It could get a small treacherous during first, generally how we span it with a product (by a way, it supports dual inclination simultaneously), though a user primer is a large assistance in that case.

While a Encore S6 does support calls and comes with a built-in microphone, we didn’t indeed like this functionality. The chairman on a other side was removing somewhat misleading sound. Good for discerning calls, though not something for prolonged conversations. Considering Encore S6 isn’t essentially designed for calls, it does this job, only not unequivocally perfectly.

As for a battery life, it works roughly accurately what Tronsmart promises: scarcely 24 hours with ANC off, and 16 hours with it incited on. Since a Encore S6 also comes with an AUX cable, we can bond it when we are out of charge. On an iPhone, it also shows a battery turn of S6, though a Android inclination aren’t upheld for this one functionality.

In my mixed tests, a Encore S6 took scarcely 2.5 hours to entirely charge. But deliberation it fulfils a guarantee of 20+ hours of playtime, we didn’t unequivocally mind it.


The product is a estimable contender in a cost range, charity pleasing sound and delivering on a guarantee of longer playtime. Encore S6 also offers a gentle pattern with a operative active sound termination that should make any gamer and song partner happy who is not looking to chuck in $150+ for a span of headphones. Considering a gentle pattern and guarantee of tuning we out of your surrounding, Encore S6 also creates a great, affordable holiday present for teenagers in your family.

– You can buy Tronsmart Encore S6 from Amazon for $59.99

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