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Winner Of Japanese Corporate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Plans To Keep Playing Competitively

Super Smash Bros UltimateSuper Smash Bros UltimateFamitsu

Last year, a special contest was hold in Japan in that companies could put brazen players to contest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch. Famitsu recently interviewed a leader of that event, Seisaku Matsukawa of Taisho Pharmaceuticals.

We’ve left forward and translated a talk for we below!

Famitsu: Congratulations on your victory! After a contest concluded, what was a greeting from your peers, as good as colleagues in your company?

Seisaku Matsukawa: we perceived many congrats from my office, though my friends weren’t surprised. (laughs) As for my sister, when we told her we won on LINE, it was left on ‘read’ and ignored.

Famitsu: That’s a shame. (laughs) Were we shaken during a tournament?

Matsukawa: We had a initial compare of a tournament, so we was unequivocally shaken during first. However, once a compare was underway, we was flattering focused, so my excitability was gone. In a subsequent round, we watched any and each match, and we knew we could win. Therefore after that initial match, we wasn’t during all nervous.

Famitsu: You went undefeated in a contest and it was a spectacle, so have we been personification Super Smash Bros. Ultimate long?

Matsukawa: we initial played Super Smash Bros. when we was in daycare. Back then, we went to a circuitously residence for a initial time to play, and we was told that we would play Super Smash Bros. we hadn’t even overwhelmed a diversion until then, so it’s a bit of a sour memory that a child done me feel like crying. (laughs) That said, my idea behind afterwards was to kick a other kids in Super Smash Bros. I’ve been personification for about 20 years. we play all a renouned games, though a array I’ve focused on many has always been a Super Smash Bros. series. we was means to play with many characters of other games within usually a one, and we only can’t kick a feeling of winning, so we cruise we was flattering dependant to a game. When we was still a student, we broken my friends who used to contend “I can’t remove in Super Smash Bros.!”

Famitsu: Are there any other games we play other than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Matsukawa: Recently, I’ve been personification Animal Crossing: New Horizons. we adore lovable animals such as hamsters and seals, so we was anticipating that those arrange of animals would live in my village, though my initial residents were gorillas and monkeys. (smiles) we was deliberation resetting it, though we cruise that this was destiny, and we live on a corner of a island.

Famitsu: Please tell us what we like about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Matsukawa: This isn’t limited to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though anyone regardless of age and sex can simply play, there are no boundary to flourishing even stronger, extraordinary matches that both players and viewers can enjoy, easy to know warrior design, many playable fighters and stages… Sorry! I’m fixing all we suffer about a series!

Famitsu: Your adore for a diversion is unequivocally apparent. (laughs) Please tell us since we used Palutena during a contest and if we have any other favourite fighters.

Matsukawa: The manners of a contest were timed group battles with items, so we searched for a impression that is clever in such a match, quick adequate to go to be means to assistance a teammate, though easy to control for any growth in-game. Palutena was a best choice. On a day of a tournament, my teammate was so in control that he didn’t need any help, and we was also means to make good use of fitting opportunities, so we was means to win. we also like Joker. His speed, combo potential, singular mechanics, and energy him perform good and flattering cool, and, personally, we cruise there are no improved fighters.

Super Smash Bros UltimateSuper Smash Bros Ultimate

Famitsu: What other fighters do we cruise are strong?

Matsukawa: we cruise that a warrior change of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is utterly good, so really, we trust all fighters are strong, with some exceptions. To name a few, Joker, Mr. Game Watch, Zero Suit Samus, among others, all feel glorious and strong.

Famitsu: Tell us about your use slight for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Matsukawa: We mostly check and investigate videos of tip players in a rival scene, including those abroad. This is since a correctness of reading opponents will urge if we learn new descent and defensive options that are unfamiliar, and cruise them to envision a subsequent pierce of your opponent. That said, my work keeps me busy, so we don’t have most time to practice. Recently, I’ve been means to use for 3 hours during a time, max.

Famitsu: Are there any players, in particular, we are focused on?

Matsukawa: One actor we compensate utterly tighten courtesy to is MKLeo. I’m always checking videos of tournaments he participates in. Since he also mains Joker, and has participated in many tournaments, we infrequently suppose “I’ll also eventually be that good,” like a dream. (laughs) Since he has mastered Joker, we continue to investigate his use as an ideal that we wish to compare as closely as we presumably can.

Famitsu: What do we cruise separates beginner and modernized players?

Matsukawa: That disproportion is utterly cloudy and it’s formidable to explain. Consider novices as not VIP and modernized players as VIP. Are we personification consistently? Are we scrupulously reading a opponent? Are we means to combo and bond hits? we cruise this creates a large difference.

Famitsu: Please give your recommendation on how beginners should practice.

Matsukawa: It’s formidable for me to give advice, though it is critical to learn what a strengths of a several fighters are, such as shutting a opening between fighters, ranged attacks, and a timing indispensable to set adult attacks. Because of this, we cruise it would be some-more practicable to learn a techniques tip players user on YouTube, or to conflict players stronger than we and get their advice. Keep in mind that recommendation does not indispensably meant it is correct, even if they are strong. It is essential to investigate such recommendation on your possess before holding it to heart.

Famitsu: Thank you. It’s been pronounced that we will be participating in other tournaments. What are your destiny rival plans?

Matsukawa: My proclivity to continue competing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is high, and, rather fortunately, a rival stage is good determined in Japan, so we wish that we can concentration on offline tournaments instead of online tournaments in a future. I’m always wanting some-more Smash Bros. friends, so I’m happy if we would come discuss with me if we see me in destiny tournaments!

Are we active in a rival scene? Who do we categorical in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Drop us a criticism and let us know!

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