Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

Windows 10 Is Now Available For The Raspberry Pi

Want to run a stripped-down chronicle of Windows on your Raspberry Pi? Sure we do. Windows 10 IoT Core, a chronicle of Windows for embedded devices, is now accessible from Microsoft and looks to be an engaging choice to Raspbian and other Linux-based unstable OSes.

What is it, exactly? First, it’s Microsoft’s bid to get forward of a single-board mechanism craze. It is radically Windows though a UI and allows we to module several projects including robotic atmosphere hockey tables and continue stations. The height supports C++, C#, JS and VB as good as Python and node.js.

Developers competence skip a Start menu and a like though by ripping out all of a Windows cruft we radically get a programmable bottom for absolute projects.

You can check out representation formula on Github and download a OS here. It’s apparently extravagantly critical for Microsoft to get their product in front of Raspberry Pi developers simply since laxity breeds program adoption. By giving devs only adequate Windows to be dangerous, Microsoft could spin a Raspberry Pi into a Windows 10 gateway drug.

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