Published On: Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

Windows 10 Insider Builds Finally Out for PC & Mobile – Some New Ninjacat Backgrounds Are Here Too

Windows lets we couple your phone and PC

You competence remember during Build we talked about PCs and phones operative improved together. With Build 16251, we are introducing a initial set of facilities that capacitate “linking” your phone to your PC. This build’s unfolding is focused on cross-device web-browsing. Today, we’re seeking for we Windows Insiders to assistance us exam this knowledge out regulating your Android phones.  Support for iPhone is entrance really soon, stay tuned.

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To get started, after installing today’s new build on your PC, go to Settings Phone and couple your phone. Having we couple your phone ensures that your sessions from your phone are continued usually on to a PC that you’ve chosen. After adding your phone to be linked, we will accept an SMS from us directing we to implement a exam focus called “Microsoft Apps” for Android that completes a couple between your phone and PC and enables one of a initial cranky device browsing scenarios.

After you’ve related your phone, only go to your phone and start browsing a web. When we are during a website we wish to perspective on your PC, simply plead a local share knowledge on your phone and share a website to a “Continue on PC” option. You competence need to click a “…” or some-more to supplement this exam app to your share menu.  Once invoked, it will initial ask we to pointer in with your Microsoft Account.  It is critical we use a same comment we are regulating on your PC.  Next it will ask we if we wish to “Continue now” or “Continue later”. If we name “Continue now”, a website will magically open on a related PC.  If we name to “Continue later”, a website will uncover adult underneath Action Center for we to get to after when you’re ready. Try it out and let us to know of any issues we run into!

Get web hunt formula in Cortana though opening your browser

Now we can perspective a formula that Cortana has for we though rising a web browser. For some questions, a Cortana mirror will enhance automatically, fast display we accurately what we need to know.  It works with movies, celebrities, batch prices, weather, moody standing – we name it! If Cortana doesn’t have a discerning answer for your query, a mirror won’t automatically expand. No worries! Just click a arrow subsequent to a applicable web idea (or press a right arrow key) to see what a web has for you. We demeanour brazen to conference your feedback, that we can record regulating a in-Cortana feedback button.

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Use Cortana voice commands to lock, sign-out, shutdown, or spin off your PC

We have now enabled a ability for we to use Cortana to spin off, restart, lock, or sign-out of Windows. While formerly announced, we haven’t entirely enabled it around a cloud until now. So, in box your hands are bustling during a moment, we don’t have to stop what you’re doing to spin off or close your PC. Instead, we can contend “Hey Cortana, spin off my PC” and Cortana will take caring of it. In a identical fashion, we can use Cortana to restart your computer, sign-out, or close your PC. Just use your voice and try out a following commands:

  • “Hey Cortana, restart PC.”
  • “Hey Cortana, spin off PC.”
  • “Hey Cortana, pointer out.”
  • “Hey Cortana, close PC.”

For some of these voice commands, such as a one for branch off your PC, Cortana competence ask we for a created confirmation. You’ll have to respond to Cortana with a “Yes” for Cortana to finish a voice command.

In addition, we can also ask Cortana to govern a commands above on a Lock screen, though initial we should capacitate Cortana on a Lock shade if we have not finished so already.

You can capacitate Cortana on your Lock shade by opening Cortana’s settings and branch on this option:

If we have any feedback, be certain to send it a approach around Feedback Hub!

Improved Boot Up Experience

Use sign-in info to request settings after a restart or update: The modernized Windows Update underline to use your sign-in info to automatically finish environment your device after an refurbish has been extended to unchanging reboots and shutdowns. When we record in and trigger a reboot or a shutdown by energy options accessible on a Start Menu and several other locations, Windows will automatically setup your comment after it’s has booted behind up. 

This will assistance we sign-in faster and will revive your accessibility applications and any other focus that has purebred for focus restart.

Command-line options:

  • shutdown /sg

Shutdown a computer. On a subsequent boot, restart any purebred applications.

  • shutdown /g

Full shutdown and restart a computer. After a complement is rebooted, restart any purebred applications.

Opt-out: Under a Privacy territory of a Sign-in options page of your Settings, we can invalidate and re-enable.

Input Improvements

  • We’ve practiced a distance of a one-handed hold keyboard to be a small bigger, as good as combined a thicker limit as stuffing around it so you’re reduction expected to incidentally daub outward a keyboard and boot it.
  • We’ve updated a new XAML hold keyboard to now support a full keyboard blueprint choice for English (United States), English (Australia), French (France), Italian (Italy), German (Germany) and Spanish (Spain) languages. Appreciate everybody who common feedback on a subject! To entrance this keyboard layout, daub a symbol in a tip left of a hold keyboard.
  • As we launch and boot a hold keyboard, you’ll now notice an animation of it shifting in and out.
  • We’ve malleable a sound of typing on a hold keyboard – interjection for your feedback!
  • We bound an emanate where a hold keyboard competence get into a state where swiping opposite it would pierce a keyboard essence around.
  • We’ve updated a Japanese one-handed hold keyboard specific pivotal labels to be created regulating a Yu-gothic UI font.
  • We bound an emanate where a Japanese hold keyboard competence infrequently take mixed taps of a undo pivotal to undo a comparison impression or word in certain content fields.
  • We bound an emanate where a hold keyboard’s options in Settings to invalidate suggestions and invalidate “add a space after we name a content suggestion” didn’t work.
  • We’ve practiced two-finger pointing touchpad scrolling so it should feel a bit smoother now – greatfully try it out in today’s build.
  • We bound an emanate where a Microsoft Pinyin IME claimant window wasn’t manifest when Microsoft Edge was in full shade mode (F11).
  • We bound an emanate where Japanese IME standing presentation didn’t seem when a IME was incited on with Kana submit method.
  • In further to scrolling, coop can now also name and drag objects when tub symbol (a symbol on a side of a pen) is pressed. This functionality was already accessible in Win32 apps and Microsoft Edge as of 16215, and currently we’re expanding it to embody all UWP apps as well. Please try it out in your favorite apps and let us know how a knowledge is operative for you.
  • We bound an emanate where it wasn’t probable to use a coop to pierce a Win32 app window adult and down by boring a pretension bar.
  • We bound an emanate where a coordinates were somewhat off when regulating a coop to indicate erase in a final few flights.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

  • Microsoft Edge will no longer re-scale sites when in Tablet Mode with slight viewport breadth (such as in a snapped perspective or mural orientation). This provides a some-more healthy knowledge on complicated manageable sites in inscription mode.
  • We bound an emanate from new builds where a Copy Link choice displayed in Microsoft Edge when we right-click a hyperlink wasn’t working.
  • We bound countless trustworthiness issues in Microsoft Edge that will urge user knowledge with crashes and hangs within a app.
  • We bound an emanate in Microsoft Edge with PDF unwell to open on refresh.
  • We bound an emanate in Microsoft Edge with PDF wise to page for certain books.
  • We bound an emanate with Pinned Sites from Microsoft Edge where it wasn’t display a right favicon on a taskbar.

PC Gaming Improvements

  • Some users competence see Game Mode enabled in a Game Bar by default for some of their games.

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