Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Windows 10 Build 10154 Release Notes Have Been Leaked

Only yesterday, sum of Windows 10 Mobile build 10149 and 10151 were showcased, with a core change being that a company’s Edge browser residence bar had been changed to a bottom. Now interjection to a efforts of Wzor, Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10154 has had a recover records leaked. Let us see what changes have been combined to this latest build.

Windows 10 Build 10154 Release Notes Have Been Leaked

According to a source, a final central build for a PC chronicle stays during build 10130, that to lope your memory, was recover over a month ago. With build 10154, a recover records state a following:

“No program updates are in this release”

However, when we perspective a series of changes and bug fixes that have been introduced in a latest build, we will notice that these changes are distant some-more than what a prior build brought with it. With these bug fixes, users can design a some-more manageable Windows 10 Mobile platform. The handling complement is slated for a Jul 29 recover date for PCs and tablets, and is usually weeks divided from being strictly announced.

  • build-10154-release-notes-01
  • build-10154-release-notes-02
  • build-10154-release-notes-03
  • build-10154-release-notes-04
  • build-10154-release-notes-05
  • build-10154-release-notes-06
  • build-10154-release-notes-07
  • build-10154-release-notes-08
  • build-10154-release-notes-09
  • build-10154-release-notes-10
  • build-10154-release-notes-11

The recover records of build 10154 have addressed additional issues, that are as follows:

  • After a device upgrade, synchronization with many files and folders might means problems with OneDrive
  • If we destroy to bond to a wireless network, we can't navigate regulating a keyboard
  • A pile-up occurs if we emanate a new Outlook summary while JAWS is running

While a following is nonetheless to be confirmed, it is probable that Windows 10 for smartphones will be strictly announced during a month of September, given that is a month when a ostensible showcasing of Microsoft’s Lumia handsets are going to take place. The handsets have been codenamed Lumia Cityman and Lumia Talkman. Looks like we will get to know some-more information in a entrance months.

For now, go by these leaked recover records in sequence to see what changes have been brought in a latest Windows 10 build.

Image source: Wzor


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