Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Adoption Rate Speeds Forward – Mobile Still Lagging Behind

Released in Aug this year, Windows 10 Anniversary Update now runs on 86.3% of all Windows 10 computers. While a refurbish had gifted some hiccups during a initial month, it has apparently managed to strech out to millions of Windows 10 users.

AdDuplex has expelled a latest tracking information for Windows PCs, confirming that some-more than 8 in each 10 PCs are now regulating a Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607). Windows 10 Nov Update (version 1511, expelled final year) is usually powering 10.4% devices, with a share fast declining. The strange version, that was expelled in Jul 2015, is now regulating on usually 2.6% of all Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft is formulation to recover a subsequent chronicle of Windows 10, also famous as a Creators Update, in Mar 2017. Currently, a Windows 10 Creators Update is in a contrast mode, that means Insiders are receiving builds after builds to try out a new facilities and news bugs to a growth team. These good fellows – aka Windows Insiders – make adult usually 0.7% of all Windows 10 PC users, regulating a preview builds of Creators Update on a Windows Insider Program.

Windows 10 Mobile – still a unhappy story…

Windows 10 Mobile, however, is still lagging behind. While many of those who are regulating Windows 10 Mobile powered phones are regulating a latest Anniversary Update, a altogether Windows 10 Mobile adoption rate is still distant behind a desktop version. Only 16% of active Windows Phones are regulating Windows 10 Mobile, with Windows Phone 8.1 powering a whopping 77.1% of all Windows phones – many of them aren’t authorised for the update.

From this tiny segment, over 81.9% are regulating Windows 10 Anniversary Update, followed by 7.7% users of Windows 10 Mobile chronicle 1511. The bigger surprise? Out of this 16% of active Windows 10 Mobile users, over 10.4% are already contrast a Creators Update on their smartphones, confirming a user seductiveness in Windows 10 Mobile development.

Microsoft has now pushed a postponement symbol on Windows 10 Creators Update growth routine and won’t be releasing any new builds until subsequent year. Let’s wish a association changes a plan and focuses a small on Windows 10 Mobile growth too.

Whether it shifts concentration to Mobile or not, a association is positively doing good to forestall fragmentation by pulling latest versions to Windows 10 users – and that too but continuous nagging. It will be engaging to see if Creators Update is also perceived with a same zeal by Windows 10 users.

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