Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Will Apple, Facebook or Microsoft be a destiny of protracted reality?

Apple is seen by some as vicious to a destiny of protracted reality, notwithstanding singular traction for ARKit so distant and a deficiency from smartglasses (again, so far). Yet Facebook, Microsoft and others are arguably some-more critical to where a marketplace is today.

All of this could see the augmented existence market growing from an active commissioned bottom coming 900 million and over $8 billion income in 2019, to an augmented existence foresee over dual and a half billion active commissioned bottom and scarcely $60 billion income by 2024. 


Facebook: The messaging play

Facebook has talked about a long-term intensity to launch smartglasses, though in 2020, a primary participation in a AR marketplace is as a mobile AR height (note: Facebook is also a VR marketplace personality with Oculus). Although there are other ways to conclude them, mobile AR platforms can be suspicion of as 3 extended types:

  1. messaging-based (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Line)
  2. OS-based (e.g. Apple ARKit, Google ARCore)
  3. web-based (e.g. 8th Wall, Torch, others)

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