Published On: Sat, Dec 31st, 2016

Wild Guns Reloaded Trailer Shows Doris in All Her Glory

It’s time to do some damage. Natsume expelled a new trailer for Wild Guns Reloaded showcasing a devasting conflict energy of a lethal Doris in this classical SNES re-release.

Wild Guns is a commune steampunk western gallery shooter with destructible environments, that was a flattering large technical miracle during this era. The story has Annie seeking punish for a genocide of her family. Joining her on her trail reprisal is a annuity hunter, Clint. Reloaded adds dual some-more characters to a register to support Annie in her mission.

Doris is a incomparable impression who uses grenades. Be advised, she competence be a bit on a delayed relocating side though does some vital damage. This is a large depart from Bullet a Dog, a dachshund who controls an conflict drone.

Natsume re-released a classical 22-year-old SNES diversion Wild Guns and combined a ton of new calm that should greatfully fans of a original. Some a additional content includes 4 actor split-screen commune and new stages with their bosses.

Here’s a list of all a new things that come in Reloaded:

  • Two new characters, any with their possess weapons and tactics
  • 1-4 actor mode, where any actor can take on one of a 4 characters
  • Classic and New Stages
  • New Boss Enemies and Special Weapons
  • Online Rankings!

Wild Guns Reloaded is accessible now on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe for $29.99. Not a bad cost for a outing behind to 1994. It’s also out on Wii and Wii U Virtual console, only in box you’re looking for other places to play.

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