Published On: Sat, Jul 18th, 2020

Why certain VC investors acquire good ‘Founder NPS’ scores

Why are certain VCs desired by founders and others loathed?

It’s a doubt that is pivotal not only to founders seeking capital, though also VCs who are looking to refinement their reputations and build a lane record that will get them into a subsequent prohibited deal.

For businesses with tangible customers, it’s common to consider their unrestrained for a product or use by conducting an NPS survey. The thought of a “Net Promoter Score” is to not only see who is confident with their transaction, though also to see to what grade a patron is expected to tell their friends and others about a experience. A high NPS toward 100 indicates that a immeasurable infancy of business desired a knowledge and are eager about pity a word. A measure toward -100 would prove that people hated their experience, and will expected widespread their story of anguish with others.

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